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AUG 30

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"but theres this guy in colombia called Paolo Lugari that has some very..."

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The $100,000 Buckminster Fuller Challenge

Buckminster Fuller was, as far as I can tell, one of the original EcoGeeks. Paraphrasing Mr. Fuller...we should make the world work well for 100% of people in the link for you order cialis pill smallest amount of time possible without "ecological offense." Sounds like a grand vision for the future if I ever heard one. While old Bucky worked hard for that while was alive, now we've got a chance to continue his dream.

The Buckminster Fuller Institute is sponsoring the Buckminster Fuller Challenge, which is asking for "design science" solutions that can use a small amount of energy or effort to viagra alternatives dramatically chance the world for the better. Frankly, I'm looking for some of those myself, but if you've got one, you can submit it to the Buckminster Fuller Institute between September 4th and real levitra online without prescription October 30th for your chance to win a hundred thousand dollars!

I'll be honest....I'm tempted to submit something myself. But, more than that, I'm extremely excited to see what might come out of this challenge. Don't worry, when the results come in EcoGeek will be reporting.

Via TreeHugger
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not really related
written by andrea, September 03, 2007
but theres this guy in colombia called Paolo Lugari that has some very prestigious prices like the worldwide envrionmental price and stuff and works on very good site how to get viagra no prescription a proyect called gaviotas in colombia.
his really good.
you should do an article on him since he is often creating new environmental technologies...
just saying
if you need an idea. theres one

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