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"Mayor Wynn isn't the first politician out of Austin who leads a green ..."

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Will Wynn on Earth2Tech

Well I certainly had no idea about this, but apparently the City of Austin is super levitra led by an EcoGeek. Will Wynn publishes his power bill in the paper (it's frequently below $50), walks to work, and has attracted over 25 clean technology and viagra prescription renewable energy companies to his city.

If a guy like this can get 80% of the vote in an (admittedly green) Texas town...why aren't there any presidential candidates following suit.

In any case, if you want to learn more about Austin's green machine, check out the short interview he just did with Earth2Tech. It provides some very interesting examples of what can be done with some intelligent local planning and initiative. Very cool.
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Why aren't other candidates following su
written by Christopher, September 17, 2007
Mayor Wynn isn't the first politician out of Austin who leads a green existence in his personal life. After all, there's a certain former governor of levitra in spain Texas (now living in DC) who built a house with green technology long before it was fashionable to do so.

But to viagra tablets sale answer your question, the reason may be that a candidate's personal life, even his green street cred, still isn't as important to most voters as other issues are. I'd like to make sure that my local candidates want to keep crime down, raise local school test scores and balance the city's budget. For state and federal candidates, there are a huge number of issues that are more important to me.

Finally, any time a candidate uses his personal life to set an example, he's setting himself up for failure. For instance, Mayor Bloomberg tried to get credit for taking the subway to work, but when he got busted for being driven the few blocks to the subway station, he didn't seem quite so eco-friendly. If he had never used his subway rides as a campaign issue, no one would have cared how he gets to levitra generic work, but since he has, he also has to put up with the cialis for women backlash. I await Mayor Wynn's defensive news conference next time he forgets to turn off the light in his office or fails to recycle a newspaper.

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