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Corporate Climate Response LiveBlog

The Corporate Climate Response conference has it's own informative liveblog for the event. So far, the coverage has been fantastic with video interviews with businesses large and levitra 20mg tablets small and some excellent stories on what's going on.

The Corporate Climate Response conference is basically an gathering of companies who are taking the lead on the climate crisis. I wish I could be there myself, but this constantly updated liveblog is certainly the next best thing.

Clean Coal: The Myth Ends Today

We publish an astonishing amount of good news here at When I started this all up a year ago, good news was pretty hard to generic cialis overnight come by. But now it just flows in. The future's so bright, I've got to wear photovoltaic clothing.

But there are some dark spots. One in particular looks like it could undo a lot of the work done in the similar levitra last few years. It's a dark spot that I've seen jaunting merrily across the screen on Grist and TreeHugger, a smudge supported by Barack Obama and myriad congressional Democrats: Coal.

For the last few years energy independence and the green movement have almost become synonymous. But coal threatens to break down that synergy. While recent forward progress that has been astonishing, coal is we like it cialis and diarrhea providing an opportunity for the United States to stagnate once again.

The technology to convert coal to liquid fuel has existed since the 1920s. If congress were to mandate and fund its implementation America would begin to it's cool buy levitra on the internet slowly gain energy independence, Peabody Coal's net worth would increase tenfold to roughly $3.6 trillion, the Appalachian Mountains would be destroyed and U.S. carbon emissions would double. This is a bad idea.

Unfortunately, there's a bill working through congress right now that would give coal companies billions of dollars to help them build coal-to-liquid plants. It would guarantee coal companies government contracts, including a $40-billion, 25-year deal with the air force. Peabody coal is literally fighting for trillions of dollars here.

At the same time, there are also bills in congress that would cap CO2 emissions and best price on viagra make coal-to-liquid technologies instantly obsolete. But there's not a lot of money behind the carbon neutral lobby, while Coal has millions to spend on congress. The unfortunate truth is, this bill has a chance of passing. For more in depth analysis, you can refer to the canada price cialis New York Times, as they've just done a marvelous write-up of the situation.

This could be bad news. This could be very bad news. We have been making some marvelous steps forward in the last few years. A large-scale conversion to liquid coal would a reversion, the exact opposite of what we need to be doing.

I invite everyone to viagra sales in canada check out, and to consider Illinois Senator Obama's position on "clean coal." Hillary may not be an EcoGeek, but at least she doesn't go around pretending like Coal can be good for the environment.


Green Technologies from Beijing

CNET has some excellent, brief and enjoyable coverage of the China Beijing International High Tech Expo. CNET has focused on how much is viagra technologies that promise to green Beijing. China seems to be taking this challenge seriously, with one of the major deadlines being next year's olympic games. Beijing may be one of the dirtiest cities in the world, but they've got a lot of brains working to change that.

Featured on CNET are innovations from "grasscrete," an "environmentally sustainable alternative paving system," to a 300 mph maglev train (both pictured above.)

Not pictured include extremely efficient renewable energy heating stoves, and a couple of good looking electric vehicles (a scooter and a bike) both powered by non-toxic lithium ion batteries.

China's response to the environmental crisis is extremely important and, for the moment anyway, it looks encouraging.


Steve Jobs Says Gore Would Undoubtedly Win

In a recent inteview with Time Magazine, Apple chief Steve Jobs declared that there was no question in his mind that Al Gore would win if he ran for President of the United States.

Al and Steve are two of our favorite EcoGeeks, and we've been pleased to see them standing together. Gore is a member of Apple's Board of Directors and reportedly played a large part in Apple's new plan to order cialis on internet green-up their business.

Jobs speculated that Gore's experience in 2000 is keeping him from realizing his current potential. Frankly, I wouldn't blame him...I had a hard time voting after the pain of online doctor prescription tramadol the 2000 elections. But I sure would like to see that EcoGeek in the White House again, as President or in the newly created office of "Secretary of the Climate Crisis."

Via MacNN

David Filo on Yahoo! Green

Here's some good news. Yahoo's new green properties (Yahoo Green and Be a Better Planet) have launched and are already sucking in the users.

As Yahoo is so fond of saying, they have access to around 500,000,000 unique visitors a month and, because of that, have a great deal of power. Which is why I'm so excited that EcoGeek is providing content to Yahoo Green. EcoGeek, with our premium, grade-A content is best way to use cialis in high demand these days, but we figured that the folks at Yahoo! needed some good EcoGeeky updates.

Even cooler, we were able to talk with Yahoo! co-founder David Filo last week in preparation for the launch. Though Filo is a known green, he attributed Yahoo's recent green interest mostly to employees, who are allowed to take off time from their regular duties to work on "Yahoo for Good" projects. Filo said the Green Team pretty much materialized on it's own, and that they've been putting together projects like these for over a year now.

But obviously, these new projects, with full support of Yahoo! and 10 hybrid taxis donated to New York City, are the biggest yet. Though Filo doesn't take any credit personally, he did say that he views environmental education as one of Yahoo's responsibilities.

"We're in a unique position and we take that responsibility seriously."

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