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State of buy online viagra where the Union Analysis

Number of times GW Has Said "Iraq" in State of the Union Speeches: 124
Number of times GW Has Said "Climate Change" in State of the Union Speeches: 1

So which one is order levitra levitra a more important issue in this country? Whether you enjoy Bush or want to womans cialis take the black pill whenever you hear his voice, the State of the Union address is important to watch. I, for one, enjoyed his speech, and while I spent most of the time pausing on Tivo so my family could rant about his policies, it was nice to hear the man talk without the force of a majority behind him.

This fairly mild State of the Union had comparatively little that I expressly disagree with, and I think that a Texas oil man proposing a decrease in oil consumption is frankly remarkable.

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Stephen Hawking: Another Geek Gone Eco

doomsdayclockNo big story here, but Stephen Hawking, who has previously called for manned exploration of space in an attempt to get all our eggs out of this one basket, says that global warming is a far greater threat than terrorism.  Hawking made his remarks as a coalition of scientists pushed the 'doomsday clock' (an unnecessary and extremely frightening representation of our nearness to apocalypse) forward a couple seconds closer to midnight. At the ceremony, Hawking said, "as citizens of the world, we have a duty to alert the canadian levitra for sale public to the unnecessary risks that we live with every day."

Search Engine Optimizers Going After Climate Change

The first every SEO world championship has begun. The competition surrounds two words that aren't quite words 'Globalwarming' and 'awareness2007.' The entire SEO community is now scrambling to cialis online india create the most highly rated websites for those two terms. The winner will have the highest ranked site on major search engines when users search for "globawarming awareness2007."

Search Engine Optimization is kinda a dirty game, where people vie for keywords with sites designed, not for people, but for algorithms. The results can be seen now by searching for "globalwarming awareness2007." The sites aren't really global warming resources and they aren't very pretty to look at. But that's not what pure SEO is about. Real search engine optimization utilizes forms of this dirty SEO, but it also draws links and traffic by having great content. So far, none of these sites are going after that angle.

But still, it's pretty cool that they chose keywords with a grander meaning.  From their press release, "targeting a significant cause as well as trying to make a global difference. The project focuses on creating world consciousness of our continuous planet heat rise."

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Watch Charlie Rose Tonight

charlieroseIf you get PBS, which you should, if you have a TV, which I don't (*sigh*) you should watch Charlie Rose tonight. First they'll be talking about Green Tech., Hallelujah, and then about Web 2.0.  Huge names, like John Doerr of KPCB, a venture capital firm, K. R. Sridhar of Bloom Energy and and Scott Mcnealy, Chairman of Sun Microsystems will be discussing our energy future. These three folks have actually worked together quite closely in developing America's energy future, behind the scenes of try it cheap cialis 50mg course, and with a heck of a lot of investment capital.
If I could invest my net proceeds from EcoGeek into any venture these three guys set up, I would do it instantly, confident that, even if the money didn't return to me thousand-fold, it would be influencing the future of our world positively.
I'm very excited to hear what they will say tonight on Charlie Rose. Has anyone else noticed how much popular that show has gotten since they started putting it on Google Video free? I heart Charlie Rose...

Tom Friedman: EcoGeek

This video shows Tom Friedman hitting Tim Russert with a very well organized impassioned monologue on the generic cialis from china future of green technology and the environmental movement. Frankly, this video makes me proud to be covering green technology and the future of the environmental movement here at EcoGeek. Thanks Tom.
Tom Freidman has been a columnist for the New York Times for about a long time now. He's won three Pulitzer prizes (when he won his first, I still thought they were Pullit Surprises (because I was three.)) He's probably the most influential newspaper columnist in the world and it is a very big deal that five of his last ten columns have been about energy and the green movement. 
For more on his environmental philosophies check out Charles Lockwood's recent interview with Tom Friedman. 
Finally, I suggest watching this excellent episode of Charlie Rose from May of this year. Charlie Rose isn't actually the interviewer, but John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a venture capital firm, does a fine job in his stead.  If you've got some free time, it's very worth watching.
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