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Green Electronics BlackList


Greenpeace has come up with a Green Electronics Guide which ranks 14 technology manufacturers based on reduction of buy online purchase viagra dangerous chemicals in their products and viagra 100 mg recycling policies.

Nokia, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard are at the top of the list, while Acer, Motorola, and Lenovo are the bottom three.

The list concentrates primarily on companies reducing their use of PVC plastics and brominated flame retardants (BFR). Corporate recycling and take-back was also a part of this ranking.

If you need to purchase new electronics (and sometimes the greenest choice can be not to buy, or to cialis india buy used), this list can give you some comparison information.

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A Note on Greenwashing

greenwashingGreenwash: To improve the public image of a corporation by funding environmental initiatives and public relations.

Here and now, EcoGeek asks an uncomfortable question: Is greenwashing a bad thing? When BP changed their name to Beyond Petroleum and began to spend twice as much money than any other energy company on renewables should we call them greenwashers and disparage their progress, or should we thank them. There is no doubt that public relations spurred BP in its rebranding. And, yes, the company still does awful dirty things (especially in Alaska) but we at EcoGeek are strong believers in the principle of multiple causes.

To say BP overhauled their brand, their mission and restructured their entire corporation solely for public relations is far too simple-minded. Greenwashing has multiple causes. Among them are public relations, long-term and use levitra short-term economics and concern for the environment. That's right, I said it, Concern for the environment. As much as the corporate world seems cash-crazed and heartless, there are still people running these things. And, occasionally, people care.

Wal-Mart just went through a green-up with pep-talks from Al Gore and audits from the Rocky Mountain Institute. This is the kind of thing that will make some folks hop up and down and scream "Greenwashers!" But, the truth is, when Wal-Mart puts compact fluorescent lightbulbs on sale, the world notices. They're doing it because it's making them money, it's saving them money, it's increasing brand loyalty and, maybe, because the Waltons come from a long line of prescription for viagra traditional (hook and bullet) conservationists.

When call Wal-Mart and generic levitra canadian BP greenwashers, we punish them for doing the right things. When they're guilty, which they often are, we need to rub their faces in it. But when they change the way their companies operate and, thus, change the world, we have to say thanks. We have to shake their hands and print their press releases because, otherwise, they'll have one less reason to green-up. And we want them to have as many reasons as possible.


Hey There Blimpy Boy

Why do we even discuss personal electric cars when we could be talking about personal electric BLIMPS! SkyYacht, a corporation consisting of two amazing EcoGeeks who cite their motivation as "Pure Fun," has created a blimp for one or two passengers with electric propulsion. Imagine flying to work in your own personal air-ship with nothing in your ears but the sound of the breeze and the levitra no doctor birds. On their website, I found an elegant summation of the SkyYacht's capabilities, "no other aircraft can accomplish the seemingly straightforward task of picking off the top-most leaf from a particular tree." Now, not necessarily the nicest thing to look here get cialis in canada do to a tree but, nonetheless, an amazing achievement.

The SkyYacht isn't completely environmentally friendly.  It's a hot-air blimp and so must burn propane to fill with hot air, but it's certainly more efficient than any other form of personal air travel, and probably more efficient than most cars. Don't expect to be going too fast though, it has a top speed of 12 mph (and don't try and go anywhere if the wind is blowing faster than that).

While it might not be particularly suitable for commuter travel, it could be an excellent resource for aerial photography, and, with the ability to touch down lighter than a feather and just as silent, it would be ideally suited for monitoring environmentally sensitive areas.

Hat's off to "pure fun" and the Sky Yacht team.


Via Make: and Engadget


The Reincarnation of mail order cialis an Obsolete Laptop

770_thinpadThere's a lot of discussion about the $100 laptop these days.  I hate to be a party pooper, but I'll sell you any number of laptops for $100.  No, they won't be multi-colored or extra-durable or have hand cranks and I can't guarantee that the battery will function, but the garages and store-rooms of America are littered with laptops that have double digit price tags.  The question is, what do we do with them?
Howard Fosdick has some ideas.  His article at Desktop Linux "Reincarnating a discarded laptop with Linux," gives a step by step guide to creating your own $100 laptop.  It does everything a computer should, though it'll be low on power and you'll be hard up to i use it cheap levitra with fast delivery find a way to connect to a high-speed internet.  But, largely, old laptops can be very useful.  And, if you're using Free Open Source Software, all it takes is time. And with new laptop versions of Linux and Fosdick's guide, it doesn't even need to take very much time.

Climate Change Camp Vows To Close Drax Power

In the heart of "Megawatt Valley" in the UK, the Climate Change Action Camp is threatening to close down Drax power station this August.  Their reason? Drax is the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in the UK throwing 20.8 million tonnes of levitra shipped in the united states carbon into the atmosphere.  Their course of action? Er...Camping?
Whilst Drax is the biggest, it is good choice generic cialis next day delivery also the most efficient coal fired station in Europe, which leads me to question the group's motives.  If they're goal is to close power plants maybe they should start with some older, smaller, more inneficient plants that are nearing the end of their lifespan anyway. 

The camp offers to raise awareness of global warming, climate change and the impact that big carbon emitters are having on usa generic levitra our environment.

I appreciate the camp's sentiments - their case is very valid... but the question remains "How Are They Going To Shut Down Drax?" Expect a full report of whether they achieved their aims and how it was done early September - don't touch that dial!
The camp will be wholly powered by renewable energy, the logistics of renewably lighting and powering the enterprise may turn out to be the most powerful part of the camp.  As such, there are opportunities for EcoGeeks to canadian drugs levitra get involved, they will very likely need your expertise. So if you are tech-savvy and fancy a week in Yorkshire, get in touch with the camp organizers at :
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