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Dot Eco Domains May Arrive Soon, What Should We Do With Them?

Yes, ICANN is accepting applications for new top-level domains. And, yes, Al Gore (and many others) are championing a new .eco TLD. But what will that actually mean? Will it be just like other TLDs that aren't .com? Subjugated to being a cheaper, less convenient (even if more precise) option like .org, .tv, or .cc? Is there any way to save the .eco domain from that fate or, worse, to have it be a cheap and get levitra in canada quick tool for effective greenwahsing?

Al Gore's company, Dot Eco LLC, is planning on snapping up the rights to distribute .eco domain names. All they really bring to only today discount levitra india the table is a big marketing force (in the viagra next day delivery form of Gore himself) and a promise to distribute most of the profits to charity. There would be no controls on how the domain would work or who would be able to purchase them.

BigRoom, on the other hand, has some more structured ideas. They would control who could and could not get a .eco domain, much like the .edu domain only allows accredited educational institutions. Of course, this also means that they would have to come up with some kind of accreditation program...and that sounds pretty expensive to me. More likely, they would have each buyer pay for the safe online viagra accreditation, and that would not be cheap. So, in effect, you just create a bunch of really expensive domain names.

They're asking people to help define the .eco policy right now, thought it seems to only now discount generic viagra me that there is never going to be a way to exclude Exxon Mobil while including, say Dell or Apple in an objective way.

The BigRoom people also want the viagra brand .eco domain names to be one piece of a larger scheme in which companies, organizations and individuals share information about their ecological footprint. But accurately determining this information has proven over and over again to be difficult and expensive. It would be wonderful if they created this system and, in order to determine the greenness of buy tramadol online a href a company, you just had to type in, but it seems unlikely to me.

In all probability. ICANN will either just reject the .eco TLD, or it will become just one more in a slew of more-specific but less-useful options for domain purchasers. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't be out there trying to get at the first opportunity.



U.S. Government Report: Global Warming is in Your Backyard

In a ridiculously fast and intense turn-around from the policy of the last eight years, the U.S. Government has put together a report written by experts from 13 U.S. agencies on the current (not future) effects of global warming. It cites global warming as the cause of increased drought in the southwest, stronger hurricanes and tropical storms, increased flooding, reduced snowpack, increased river temperatures, longer heatwaves, wildfires, and shore erosion.

The purpose of the report is, apparently, to inform the American public that this is levitra pills canadian not some far-off issue that will maybe effect our kids someday. But, instead, it's having real effects that we can feel right now, which might even include a 10% drop in average wind speeds over the the best choice buy pfizer viagra online last 30 years.

The report also breaks the effects down into regions and wow)) buying real viagra without prescription economic sectors. So, based on tramadol ecstasy pill where you live and who you work for, you'll see how you're already being effected. The worst news seems to be for farmers, which, honestly is pretty bad news for everyone who enjoys eating food. Growing seasons will lengthen throughout the country, but insect infestations and infectious diseases will become more difficult to manage. The biggest scare, however, is that water supplies will continue to run low until irrigation becomes costly or even impossible.

The intensity of these changes, however, is not something that the report is able to go into detail on. While we can see significant changes in migration patters, snowfall, temperature and other key indicators, it's unlikely that we'll know the full impacts of this global weirding until we feel them for ourselves.

Check out the full report and the full press release below.



The New EcoGeek (Dot Com?)

Welcome to another historic day! That's right, a blog got a redesign! This is actually EcoGeek 3.0...and for those of you who can remember what 1.0 looked like, I give you much respect...I myself can't seem to remember it, like the face of a dead loved one. Or, maybe not quite like that.

So there are a few differences here. One is that we're still wading through some bugs. Bylines aren't working, and neither is search or the newsletter sign up. If you run into any other bugs, please let us know ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with "new ecogeek" in the subject line.)

We've streamlined the commenting process with a new script that will hopefully cut down on the amount of WoW Gold you can buy directly from EcoGeek's comment section. We've upgraded to a version of our CMS (Joomla) that isn't two years old, which should help us implement new features more regularly.

Additionally, EcoGeek Dot Org is discount drug levitra finally now just EcoGeek as we recently acquired the dot com, so now when national news media writes about EcoGeek and (invariably) calls it, those people will actually find a useful resource (yay!)

We've heard a lot of feedback about the old design in the last year and I like to cheap prescription propecia think that we've taken care of some of the biggest problems. Of course, that doesn't mean I think it's perfect. Please let us know in the comments below what you think of the new design, and if you'd like to get in touch with me directly about the site, please e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with "new ecogeek" in the subject line. 


Intel Tops List of Green Power Buyers

The EPA just composed a little list of which corporations are buying the most Green Power in America and i recommend where to get cialis in canada tech companies had a pretty strong showing. Intel topped out the list with 1,301,200,000 kW/h of wind power purchased. Though, that's only 46 % of their total energy use.

Second on the list was PepsiCo, which offset 100% of it's 1,144,773,154 kW/h of electricity.

Also making the list was Dell (the only company to buy more green power than the used (158%)), Cisco (40%), Motorola (20%) and Sony (44%.) To see the full list, head to the EPA website.


The Prius, Better Place, and Googling

You can now go design your own 2010 Prius, Project Better Place is testing out their battery swapping system for real, and drinking orange juice is 1000 times worse for the environment than Googling.

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