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Kevin Rose's Idea of the Week: Power Saving

Of course I've always known that Kevin Rose (founder of Digg) was an EcoGeek. But it's good to get a little proof for everyone.

In this video Kevin basically advocates for a "whole house switch" with a twist. These things are, basically, buttons you can push that will turn off all the unnecessary devices in your house whenever you leave. So, basically, everything except your refrigerator.

Kevin's twist is to tie it into his iPhone for device management and buy generic viagra online from canada GPS capabilities.

So, for example, certain devices could power down whenever Kevin leaves his house. Other devices could power down whenever Kevin was sleeping. But then, if Kevin wakes up, or approaches his home again, the system would know, and automatically turn on the devices he would soon be needing (his PC, his router, etc.)

I love the idea. Whole house switches always seemed to me like they would be ripe for neglect. But this system would be entirely transparent. Taking responsibility out of the user's hand is generally a powerful solution to these kinds of problems.

But we'll have to wait and see if anyone snatches up the buy viagra pills idea. To me, it sounds like a pretty killer ap. for the Android platform. Like many things, it'd be a lot simpler to generic cialis soft tabs do with an Open Source platform.

Via Smart Planet


Help Me With EcoGeek's Redesign

In general, online businesses like to completely surprise their users when introducing a new look. They want it to be a big secret and then BANG! It's different! And everyone's a bit disoriented, and lots of people are upset because they don't like change, or it's less functional, or just plain ugly.

So I thought, y'know...why don't I just ask?

So, here you have it, give this a click and see the mockup of what we're thinking about for ecogeek 3.0 (yes, what you're looking at is not our first design...but we have had it for almost two years now.)

This is all very preliminary, but we are probably going to be slapping a new skin on the best place generic cialis next day delivery this girl before long. Any suggestions you have, I would love to read them in the comments. And for those of you who want a simpler task, just use the following poll.


Thanks everyone! And thanks for being ecogeeks.


Cleantech Investing For EcoGeeks

This story also appears on the author's website, Alternative Energy Stocks.

As lovers of green gadgets, EcoGeeks probably know as much about what's new in clean technology (a.k.a Cleantech) as anyone on the web. So if you're an EcoGeek thinking about investing in companies which make the technology you know and love, you will probably take comfort in the old adage that you should invest in what you know. An EcoGeek investing in clean technology companies will have an advantage understanding how a company makes money, and what is a needed innovation with a large market, and what is simply a bizarre curiosity. More importantly, an EcoGeek knows that any maker of EVs will have to cope with endless competitors, and they're the first to know when LED bulbs are bright enough for general use.

While knowledge of cleantech is the wow)) best price viagra great strength of the EcoGeek investor, this knowledge most likely arises from a love of cialis philippines clean technology. Just as "geek" implies technology expertise, it also connotes an obsession with technology which might interfere with the geek's social life. Unfortunately, an obsession with cleantech has the potential to blind the unwary EcoGeek investor to the pitfalls of investing in a cool technology which might not turn out to be such a great investment.

Investing in what you know is not the same as investing in what you admire. People who invest in something just because they admire the brand often find themselves buying at the top. Our aspirations and wants are in large part cultural, and others will be excited about the same things we are, at the same time. When many investors are all buying at once, none are likely to get a good price.

To the extent that EcoGeeks are ahead of the curve with fashion, we can get in ahead of the crowd. The rising popularity which follows can work in our favor, driving the price higher as other investors pile in. To the extent that we live up to the geek stereotype, and what we think is great turns out to be hopelessly un-cool, we'll find ourselves investing in things which never catch on. Many innovations which help the environment are also quite unpopular, so it is very difficult to know if we're blazing a path for others to follow (as turned out to be the case with hybrid cars), or simply lost in the woods (think Segway.)

That said, the EcoGeek who decides to invest in cleantech need not end up going EcoBroke. The trick lies in distinguishing between when we're on the environmental cutting edge, and when we're on the environmental lunatic fringe. Most people on the lunatic fringe think that they're the only sane ones, and the rest of the world is confused. That may well be the case. After all, those of us who were worried about Climate Change before 2003 or so were on the lunatic fringe, even though most people now accept that we were right. But if we were investing in cleantech companies back then, we probably had a lot more losers than winners. Anyone remember Astropower? Or, if you're impressed by the recent successes of Capstone Microturbine (CPST), you probably didn't buy it in 2001.

The key to EcoGeeky investing is to know that we're investing out of knowledge, rather than just buying a stock because we're excited about the company's green technology. In the end, the key to all successful investing is to know ourselves at least as well as we know the click here mail order levitra companies we're investing in.

DISCLOSURE: Tom Konrad owns CPST.

DISCLAIMER: The information and trades provided here and visit our site viagra from india in the comments are for informational purposes only and are not a solicitation to buy or sell any of these securities. Investing involves substantial risk and you should evaluate your own risk levels before you make any investment. Past results are not an indication of future performance. Please take the time to read the full disclaimer here.


Gore's Challenge: 100% Carbon Neutral by 2018

I've always been a big fan of Al Gore...he's been a powerful public figure for my entire political life. My first vote ever was cast for him. So I'm pretty happy to listen when he talks, and very much enjoy what he has to say. But I don't tend to be surprised by what he says. He's had a lot of the same ideas for a long time now.

But today, I am surprised. In a speech in D.C. Al challenged America to produce 100% of it's power from carbon-free sources in ten years.

I'm an EcoGeek, possibly the biggest EcoGeek you know. So I'm optimistic about these things. I know that there are a lot of technologies out there that, if they spring forth from the lab and into widespread use, could make collassal differences in the way we produce power.

But this is a big, football-sized. The lifespan of a coal-fired power plant is between 30 and 50 years. Power companies build these things with those 30 to 50 years in mind. They aren't going to dismantle them when they're 15 years old without some gigantic form of compensation.

Gore makes only cursory mention of carbon capture and storage technology. I personally believe that the technology and infrastructure necessary to click now buy levitra online implement CCS on a large scale is not going to happen in less than 10 years. In my opnion, we really are going to have to wait for the coal plants to die rather than figure out how to store their carbon.

I did enjoy the way Gore portrayed the order cialis canada issue though. It's no longer that global warming is the largest catastrophe that man will ever face (his previous strategy.) Now he's focusing the whole suite of problems that can be solved with renewable energy: job creation at home, removal of reliance on other nations for our power, sustainability, poullution and global warming. It's worth noting that we don't burn (much) oil for power, but in two years, we may be filling up at the plug, rather than the pump anyway.

Gore's primary path for getting to carbon neturality, it seems, is carbon taxes. I 100% agree that this is the way to do it. Unfortunately, I don't see very many congress people being too enthusiastic about increasing the price of only here buy cialis online australia gasoline more. Obama praised the speech, and said that his candidacy would bring many of these changes (certainly more than a McCain presidency) but didn't endorse, or even mention, the 10-year deadline.

That is probably because the 10-year deadline seems a little insane. Gore's insistence on the best choice buy fioricet it's practicality is cialis buy now somewhat puzzling to me. But I certainly don't mind crazy goals. We spend a heck of a lot of money in this country. It'd be nice to spend it on an effort to cialis sale strengthen the country at the core...rather than weaken itself by over-extension in an attempt to lock up the last little pockets of oil on the planet.

You can read the full text of the speech below.


Amory Lovins on the Oil Endgame

I've seen this video before, and maybe you have too, since it was first recorded in 2005. But it's worth watching again...possibly twice.

Amory's vision and optomism continues to be one of my driving forces, and it's great to see him on top of his (ultra nerdy) game in this video at the 2005 TED conference. The good news is that many of his predictions are coming true. The bad news is that many of his other predictions are also coming true. He states in the video how ridiculous the generic viagra professional government's projected oil cost for 2025 was.

Can you guess...come on, guess. What did our government say the per barrel price of oil (currently $148) would be in 2025. That's right...$26 per barrel. Ohhhh lord.

But if you want a fresh shot of us healthcare inc cialis optimism, this is a great way to spend 20 minutes.

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