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Young Ecogeeks Saving the World at ISEF

Intel's annual International Science and Engineering Fair kicked off this week in Atlanta, showcasing over 1,500 high school students from around the world in what is the world's largest pre-college science competition. Students, representing 51 countries, have come in with their projects on engineering, science, robotics, medicine, physics, electronics, and the list goes on!

They are competing for almost $4 million in scholarships and awards. A good portion of the projects exhibited relate to sustainability and the environment, and Intel was kind enough to send us down to meet with these young ecogeeks! We'll be featuring several projects daily, so on with the first. The list below shows all of the projects we've covered from the Fair so far.

These projects are amazing from any perspective. but the fact that these ecogeeks are a decade younger than me (and I am quite young) really shows that innovation knows no bounds.


Wonked Out Friday

Among the highlights from the week in wonk was our first "Wonk of the Week" post, featuring an interview with renowned author and activist Bill McKibben. Topics included his new project, the 350 Campaign, as well his thoughts on the ongoing presidential race.

We're still working on how to get viagra no prescription the fancy template and title that Hank uses for his awesome "EcoGeek of buy cialis super active the Week" interviews, but we hope to make "Wonk of the Week" an ongoing feature as we move forward. In other EnviroWonk news:


Larry Page Demonstrates his EcoGeekiness

We all know that the Google boys are EcoGeeks. They've built themselves a 9 MW solar plant, worked to get plug-in hybrids on the streets and even sponsored a contest to create pedal-powered innovations.

But it is nonetheless good to hear Larry Page, one of how does viagra work the two founders of Google talking so passionately and optimistically about the future of our world. The interview, with Fortune Magazine, is a great read...full of hope and inspiration from one of the most influential entrepreneurs alive today.

I'm hugely more optimistic because now we have a conceptualization of the problems that makes some degree of sense to a fair number of people. Look at the things we worry about - poverty, global warming, people dying in accidents....I think our ability to get propecia online pharmacy achieve these things on a large scale for many people in the world is improving.

Page discusses Google's non-core (10% of company resources) interest in geothermal and solar thermal power. "How hard should it be to dig a really deep hole?" To be is pretty hard. But digging a really deep hole seems like a massively simpler process than the one we currently have set up to power America. Page seems honestly convinced that the world's problems will be solved. He puts emphasis on the power of good choice natural levitra pills small groups of smart people to make these changes...Ibut he also recognizes that the political, social and economic climate surrounding those small groups of smart people is pretty important too.


EcoBlogger Exposes Fake List Global Warming Skeptic Scientists

Kevin Grandia, who we are proud to be well acquainted with through working together in the ecoblogosphere, has just been through a bit of a saga.

Curious about the Heartland Institute's list of "500 Prominent Scientists" who deny global warming, Kevin decided to contact some of the folks on the list. He put together a list of 150 email addresses...simply the we like it canadian healthcare addresses he found it most easy to acquire. After only 24 hours, he'd received 45 emails from angry scientists saying that they, in no way, denied anthropogenic global warming.

It turns out that the heartland institute had never told the scientists they were going on the list, nor did they check to see if these people actually had any doubts about the causes of climate change. Just a sampling of quotes from emails Kevin received:

I am horrified to find my name on where to get viagra in canada such a list. I have spent the last 20 years arguing the opposite.

I have NO doubts ..the recent changes in global climate ARE man-induced. I insist that you immediately remove my name from this list since I did not give you permission to put it there.

Please remove my name. What [they] have done is cheapest online price for generic viagra totally unethical!!

The Heartland Institute has been publicizing their list for years, and not a single journalist took the time to check the names on the list. The Heartland Institute has now distanced itself from the list, and withdrawn its claim that they are supported by 500 prominent global warming skeptic scientists. But they have yet to apologize. Kevin deserves a great big "thank you" from the world. Check out DeSmogBlog and, if you think he's as awesome as I do, you might even consider donating to help him keep DeSmogBLog alive.


Wonked Out Friday

This week we celebrated our three-month anniversary with an extra special group of look there levitra tablet posts. Ok, it was really just an average week. We're just feeling chipper because the Interior Department is finally going to let us carry our concealed weapon in national parks. In other EnviroWonk news:

  • You may have received your tax rebate this week. President Bush thinks you should spend it at the gas pump. We have some other options for you.
  • The EU is considering a proposal that would allow its member states to buy cheap generic propecia tax truckers for "the costs they incur on society," a list that includes sleep disturbance.
  • The California Assembly is considering a bill that would require manufacturers to phase out the use of hazardous materials in all consumer electronics. Will Arnold go along with the plan?
  • We're still kind of stunned that Hillary Clinton is following John McCain's lead and calling for a fuel tax holiday this summer. We really liked Barack Obama's response to this idea.
  • The feds have shut down salmon fishing along the West Coast for the first time in 160 years.
  • And finally, yes, you heard us right. The Bush Administration thinks national park goers will be safer if they can carry concealed firearms. What could possibly go wrong with this plan?
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