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Report: EPA Heavily Pressured into Bias by Bush Administration

Science is science...right? EcoGeeks should be allowed to perform their duties to {digg}{/digg}the best of their abilities. Even if they happen to levitra buy online work for a government that doesn't particularly love truth, they shouldn't feel any obligation to alter their studies or misrepresent their data. That's just not SCIENCE!

Well, throw away those notions, folks...the Union of cheap levitra uk Concerned Scientists just conducted a report in which they surveyed 1,586 people working for the cheapest levitra EPA, and they found the following:

  1. 889 report that they have personally experienced political pressure in the course of performing their duties.
  2. 400 said that they had observed EPA administrators, appointed staff, and higher-ups misrepresenting their findings
  3. 285 said that they had observed incomplete or biased information used to justify policies and united pharmacy cialis canada management decisions.

OK...I would like to provide you with intelligent analysis of this situation, but I'm gonna have to take some time to calm down first.

Our brothers at EnviroWonk have this to say:

The report points to the White House Office of Management and Budget as one of the worst offenders, demonstrating where most of this pressure is coming from. While this is not terribly surprising, it does attest to the depth of the problems at the EPA under the Bush Administration, and to the frustration and low morale of an agency being tugged in two diametrically opposed directions.

Now, this was a questionnaire sent to 5,419 EPA staffers who voluntarily responded. It could be that those who had experienced political interference were most inclined to complain about it and return the tramadol with no prescription survey. However, we EnviroWonks are everywhere, including at the EPA. The current and/or previous first-hand experiences of our brethren do nothing to disprove these allegations.

Somewhat mysterious...but telling.

What do we do when the major body controlling environmental law is so very easy to manipulate...not just into relaxing regulations, but into manipulating data. This is the stone and steel that we are supposed to real levitra online be building the safety of our country upon. If it can bend so easily, I simply cannot see its strength.

Via UoCS and EnviroWonk



Wonked Out Friday

Well, Earth Day 2008 has come and gone. How did you celebrate? We marked the occasion by handing out the first EnviroWonk "Earth Day Hypocrisy Awards." You can check out the full list of award winners here.

We're really not total Earth Day cynics, and if you don't believe us, then take a look at some of the other fantastic posts we brought you this week. Perhaps we shouldn't be shocked that most involve California:


Wonked Out Friday

Hey, did you hear? President Bush gave a Rose Garden speech this week about climate change. As expected, we were underwhelmed. But that didn't stop us from writing all about it. Check out what we were up to this past week.


EnviroWonk: Bush Speech Drinking Game

Well, that was fun, wasn't it? President Bush delivered a 2,500-word speech on the administration's climate change strategy earlier today, a Rose Garden address that included some rather optimistic goals on best price cialis online capping greenhouse gas emissions, along with a lot of familiar rhetoric.

We'll get to the analysis of Bush's remarks in a subsequent post, but right now let's go over the all-important results from the cialis daily online cialis daily Bush Drinking Game: Climate Change Edition. There were a few surprises, as well as a few key words and phrases that we somehow forgot to include -- "energy," "greenhouse gases," and "market" are three of the most glaring omissions.

Overall though, the EnviroWonk team did a pretty good job of predicting the key buzzwords. Check out the statistics after the jump.

Number of mentions for each word or phrase is buy real cialis online without prescription in bold:

Level 1: One sip of beer for each time the word or phrase is mentioned.


Wonked Out Friday

So what did you do last weekend? We spent Saturday and Sunday attending speeches by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Did we mention we live in Missoula, Montana? Yes, for a brief 30 hours, the Big Sky State was the at the center of the political universe. We of course blogged about it.

  • Check out our photo diaries from both the Obama and Clinton events.

And in other enviro-political news this week:

  • Rob Howard attended the first game at Nationals Field in Washington, D.C. -- it's the country's first major stadium to earn LEED certification.
  • The Army has a new mission: Moving desert tortoises from its training grounds.
  • First he tried to build a Bridge To Nowhere. Now Sen. Ted Stevens wants to drill for oil in Alaska's Bering Sea.
  • The Olympic flame is having a bad week. Not only do indian viagra protesters want to best place cialis disrupt the relay, but the torch gets its own plane, which isn't exactly helping helping China's reputation as a polluter.
  • Finally, the government has a simple plan for preventing the spread of disease from Yellowstone bison to livestock: Kill every bison that leaves the national park. This strategy isn't going over well with everyone.
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