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Top NASA Scientist Says Oil Lobby Controls the Government...duh...

In shocking and completely unexpected news, NASA's top climate scientist, James Hansen, was quoted by Daily Galaxy as saying that fossil fuel companies have a stranglehold on the United States government. This probably isn't news to any of you; after all, Dick Cheney is in charge of U.S. energy policy. Nonetheless, it's nice to see a prominent (and government-employed) ecogeek speaking out about the infiltration. According to Hansen, our planet has reached dangerous levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, and Big Oil is cialis brand name doing its best to keep people uninformed.

Hansen has some ideas on what needs to be done to save us from our current crisis, though. His wish is for all coal-fired plants to buy tramadol online pharmacy saturday delivery be phased out by 2030 and putting a tax on them until that happens. Also, he wants new plants to have to conform to the criteria of trapping and segregating their CO2 emissions.

As he says, however: "The problem is that 90 percent of energy is fossil fuels." This goes right back to the aforementioned stranglehold and is the just try! levitra from india reason why his wishes probably won't come true without a fight. How many times do we have to be reminded that we have no power before we decide to take that power back, eh? Something needs to happen. I say it's time for a real bloody brawl!

Via Daily Galaxy


Al Gore's New Slide Show is Even More Awesome

I liked "An Inconvenient Truth." But I didn't like it because it inspired me, or was even very interesting to me...I liked it because I thought it did a good job of conveying the magnitude of the climate crisis to levitra lowest price a lot of people who hadn't thought much about it in the past.

But Al's recent talk at the TED conference is on another level of awesome. It's not about the problem, it's pretty much all about the solution. But the reason why we can't face the climate crisis, he says, is because we in America have to first face the democracy crisis. And I completely agree with him.

"As important as it is viagra online best price to change the light's more important to change the laws," he says. And we simply can't do that if Wal-Mart is a more effective leader on climate change than our own government. This problem will never be solved by individuals taking action in their own lives...we have to make global changes.

So, yes, change the light bulbs...but also consider the environment when you're choosing careers, education, investments and, possibly most important of And tell your Senators that you think it's disgusting that the U.S. is the only developed country that doesn't have the balls to sign onto the Kyoto protocol.

And, most pressing right now, find your Senator's phone number, call them, and tell them to vote for the Solar Investment Tax Credit. It's what Al would tell you to do.

Oh...and also, if you watch the whole'll see him liken our exploration of low-quality oil shale to junkies finding veins in their toes because the veins in their arms and legs have collapsed. There has never been a more apt and frightening metaphor. The whole thing really is worth watching.


Wonked Out Friday

There's a lot going on in the wonderful world of EnviroWonks. Take a look at what we've been up to over the cheapest price for viagra last week.

  • A giant particle accelerator. An $8 billion science experiment. The possible end of the universe. NEPA violations! There's a reason this post became the most-viewed in EnviroWonk's short history.
  • UN climate change officials held a conference in Bangkok where they made plans to recommended site get viagra make plans. Sounds productive.
  • Al Gore launched a $300 million ad campaign aimed at raising climate change awareness. The media blitz will include a spot with the Rev. Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson agreeing on buying viagra in the united kingdom something.
  • Google made news twice in the same day: The first for helping Earth Day organizers, the second for helping the CIA.
  • Some paranoid Canadians are worried that their government is going to start sending bulk shipments of water to the U.S., even though it's illegal to do so under NAFTA.
  • Barack Obama wants Gore at the Table in his administration. We think he'd make a marvelous Secretary of State.
  • Finally, if you needed further proof about this crazy primary season, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will be campaigning in EnviroWonk's home base of Missoula, Montana tomorrow. We've got tickets to attend the Obama rally. Check back with EnviroWonk Saturday afternoon for a full report.

We'd Like to Know A Bit About You

What is an EcoGeek...really? What kind of person are you, who gets excited about the future of green technology and saving the world with the power of our brains?

I've been curious and, I'll be honest, so have folks who are looking to advertise on our site. Since this is a business (dot org not withstanding) I figure I should be able to give them some stats. I'm also really curious what you folks out there think of generic soft tab viagra EcoGeek, and whether you'd like us to change anything or add any particular features.

So I've created this little survey. Anything that could link the data to individuals is completely scrubbed. No IP addresses are logged, and no contact information is buy tramadol and acetaminophen no prescription involved. So if you want to let us know what kind of person you are, so we can satisfy our curiosity, that'd be fantastic. And I'm really looking forward to hearing any suggestions you might have for EcoGeek.


Hank Green - founder and chief editor.

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Obama Endorses Gore...But Does Gore Endorse Obama?

This story is cross posted from

We've been expecting Al Gore to sweep out of left field and announce a presidential candidacy ever since the i use it levitra injectable primaries got underway, but so far no dice (though we give a high-five to mail order cialis Grist for their awesome April Fool's post -- we fell for it).

Anyway, the Nobel-winning ex-Veep says he's not interested in running for the presidency again, and not interested in government in general. We might get the next best thing, though: Barack Obama has emphatically stated that he wants to call on Gore to fill a cabinet-level post to help deal with climate change.

At a town hall meeting in Pennsylvania, a supporter asked Obama yesterday if he'd pursue Gore's involvement. The answer? "I would. Not only will I, but I will make a commitment that Al Gore will be at the table and play a central part in us figuring out how we solve this problem. He's somebody I talk to on a regular basis. I'm already consulting with him in terms of these issues, but climate change is real. It is something we have to deal with now, not 10 years from now, not 20 years from now."

While political strategists dismiss the possibility of Gore serving under Obama -- and it's unlikely that any president is going to create a cabinet-level Secretary of Climate Change position -- we wonder what would happen if Obama offered Gore the position of, say, Secretary of State. That might be a hard one to turn down, especially given the even larger platform it would give Gore to work internationally on climate change solutions.

Since leaving the Clinton White House, Gore has shed his formerly passionless, dry political persona for a surprisingly fiery career in advocacy and public education on global warming. We think it'd be pretty interesting if he brought that fire to a new administration -- and lit it under the butts of policymakers and lawmakers who are currently more interested in stonewalling and repaying their campaign debts.

Gore, however, has indicated no interest in rejoining government, and has lately masterminded a series of TV and internet spots that aim to increase public awareness of climate change.

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