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Possibly the Biggest Eco-Giveaway Ever

There's no shortage of giveaway contests on the internet, but the popular tester of green products, Lifegoggles, now wants to give all the viagra online sales ecogeeks of the world a contest of their own. Up for grabs is an ever-growing stack of gadgets and other products that has so far reached 69 prizes, all of which are of mexico pharmacy generic viagra the "green" persuasion.

You can enter the contest in five different ways, all of which lead to varying amounts of exposure for the Lifegoggles and, consequentially, more exposure to various green gadgets and beauty products and the green movement in general. The news is also good for us people not of the United States, as quite a few of the prizes are available for international contestants.

So get your hands on those ecogeeky gadgets, widgets, gizmos, and creams! Check out the Great Green Giveaway for the list of prizes and how to win!


Wonked Out Friday

EnviroWonk continues to mexico levitra no prescription serve up daily doses of political snarkiness. Here's what they've been up to over the past week:

  • What happens when Richard Branson invites a few fellow billionaires to his private island to discuss climate change? This happens.
  • The European Union might reduce taxes on environmentally-friendly products, which means the sales tax on your new energy-efficient dishwasher in Sweden could drop from 85 to 75 percent.
  • In other news from across the Atlantic, the EU is preparing its military for a different kind of foe: Climate change.
  • There's a new iceberg off the coast of viaga sales in canida Antarctica. It's three times the size of Liechtenstein.
  • And that berg is cialis pharmacy in india going to look like an ice cube if, as some scientists expect, the Wilkins Ice Sheet collapses. We put things in context with a Top 10 List.
  • Finally, after years of getting rejected at ANWR, the Fish and Wildlife Department may have a nice consolation prize for the oil industry.

Dune Movie Explores "Theme of Finite Ecological Resources"

Frank Herbert was definitely an EcoGeek. He understood humanity's ability to live and even thrive in partnership with their environment. The only way to survive severe resource shortages is through powerful vision and powerful technology.

With our own resources shortages on the way, including desertification and water shortages, Herbert's vision is more important than ever. Paramount has just announced that they will be making a film version of Dune (the third attempt, by our count) and that "the filmmakers consider [Dune's] theme of finite ecological resources particularly timely."

We're really glad they put that in there, because it gives us an excuse to cialis no prescription write about it. But I'm a believer in science fiction's ability to shape the real future of our world. So now all us EcoGeeks have an excuse to go see this movie when it comes out in 2010.

Via TreeHugger


Wonked Out Friday

Between St. Patrick's Day and levitra pharmacy in india the first rounds of March Madness, today marks the end of what must be the least productive workweek of the year, and that includes weeks with official holidays. What we're saying is, why not waste a few more minutes and check out EnviroWonk, the new green-politics blog under the constantly-expanding EcoGeek umbrella.

It's been a busy week:

So you no longer have an excuse not to bookmark EnviroWonk ... stop on by for a daily dose of political snark and informed analysis.


How Oily is Your Candidate

We find that politicians in general are an oily lot. Indeed the vast majority of cialis shipping national politicians have significant funding from the order viagra today oil industry. An cool new online application by OilChange International takes this data and forms a pleasant graphical representation to help citizens view exactly how much money their favorite and (most loathed) presidential candidates have received from oil lobbies.

OilChange has been hard at work providing an interface that’s easy to understand on a glance, but also contains links to detailed data. Users can click on each oil company to see how much money they gave to whom, in dollar figures. Candidates can also be clicked on for a detailed list of how much money they received from whom.

So you’re probably itching to know who the oiliest of the 2008 candidates is. The oiliest is (or should we say was) Rudolph Guiliani who received $550,608 from oil companies. Most of this came from Stewart and Stevenson. Close behind is former front-runner Mitt Romney, who received $336,783 in contributions. McCain is fourth among candidates, while Huckabee is where to buy cialis last, behind even the Democrats.

Hilary Clinton is top among the democrats, with $223,350. Love Clinton? Well, maybe you can take minor comfort in the fact that despite coming in a healthy sixth with $106,112, current democratic front-runner Barack Obama received Exxon's top contribution ($15,150).

While the graph is timely and useful, after a while you might get bored. OilChange calculated this and how to get viagra perscription online in their eagerness to keep you pleased has thus also provided similar graphs for the 2000 and 2004 elections – just in case you didn’t realize how oily President Bush really was.

Will the graph help to weaken oil lobbyists’ sway over presidential candidates? Perhaps, but it may only serve to show that we have a very oily president now and will have a new -- but only slightly less oily -- president in 2008.

Cross Posted from EnviroWonk

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