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OCT 01

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"If it could produce cheap, viable, bright leds... I'd happily donate t..."

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Salmon "Fathering" Improvements in LEDs

Some technical improvements of various devices, especially when it comes to electronics, come at a cost of discount cialis india increased use of toxic materials. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are better than incandescents, but the CFLs require the use of a small amount of mercury. LEDs, like many other electronics, have been going through developments to improve efficiency.

Recently, Professor Andrew Steckl, a University of Cincinnati researcher, has found that he can improve the efficiency of LEDs by using DNA, specifically, from salmon sperm.

“Biological materials have many technologically important qualities — electronic, optical, structural, magnetic,” says Steckl. “But certain materials are hard for to duplicate, such as DNA and proteins.” He also wanted a source that was widely available, would not have to be mined, and was not subject to any organization or country’s monopoly. His answer?

Salmon sperm.

“Salmon sperm is considered a waste product of the fishing industry. It’s thrown away by the order propica ton,” says Steckl with a smile. “It’s natural, renewable and levitra canadian pharmacy perfectly biodegradable.”

Steckl has also stated that other sources of DNA may prove to be equally useful. The US Air Force is funding this research, so the first practical applications of this will probably be in the military.

via: The Register University of Cincinnati press release

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written by Eric, October 03, 2007
you can do the best place buy real levitra online that much with SALMON sperm?? how about MY sperm?? i am happily available to donate to the cause.
written by jake3988, October 04, 2007
If it could produce cheap, viable, bright leds... I'd happily donate too.

If every incandescent was switched with an equivalent LED of the same brightness our electricity output would drop by a number so large it'd boggle your mind.

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