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NOV 24

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"[quote]I much prefer the better spectra of online tramadol prescription light that CFLs give compar..."

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Compact Fluorescents 2.0

Despite all the advantages they offer, there are still people who don't like compact fluorescent light bulbs. Maybe it's the connotation of "compact," as in "compact car," that makes them think that they are getting some sort of unstyled econobox that, while it is more economical than its fuel-guzzling siblings, doesn't offer the luxury and viagra online uk comfort of the dinosaur they are used to. So what do we make of these? Plumen low energy bulbs, designed by the boutique firm Hulger, have designed a series of alternative CFLs with an expressive style. If the stock CFL is a Yugo, then these bulbs are sports cars by comparison, CFLs where you can put the top down and go whipping around with the wind in your hair.

Right now, these are just concept designs. But Hulger is looking to find a bulb manufacturer who can bring these bulbs into production. Bare bulb fixtures could be a whole lot more stylish with CFLs like these.

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What I don't like about CFLs
written by jason Nolan, November 25, 2007
Well, the fact that they flame out rather nicely bothers me. I won't use them in closets for that reason. Also, the ones you get around here can't be dimmed. And they're too cold. I like incandescent bulbs cause my heat exchanger is broken and I need something to keep the viagra china condo warm :)
Oh, and...
written by jason Nolan, November 25, 2007
Just to make things clearerer, 80 % of the bulbs in my place are CFLs.
written by Joel, November 25, 2007
Someone should put him in touch with GE. Their multilayer process makes a coating that bends with the glass, so that the coating can go on before the bulb is bent. They also have better phosphors in the coating, making it a better fit for high-end, boutique bulbs.

Or GE should contact Michael Graves...
written by Matt, November 25, 2007
These just look stupid and anyway, who needs "neato" looking bulbs? All of my CFLs are either inside another cover or behind a lampshade.
try again
written by scott, November 26, 2007
The connotation of 'compact' has nothing to do with why people don't use CFLs. They produce a much lower quality of buying real viagra without prescription light. I try to mix CFLs with incandecents to offset the effect but they still create such an institutional feeel for my home. For most people, however, the esthetics are a problem but this bulb does not help CFLs to blend in. It's ridiculous to suggest that by creating a more radical form that my grandmother is going to want to buy one.
written by Rookie48, November 26, 2007
Has anyone looked at the dark side of these CFL's? Disposal of these once spent is cialis without prescription online problematic (mercury laced vapors) and my daughter accidentally broke one, was exposed to the break, and had a skin rash for a few days... So the initial hype of CFL's is all positive, but has anyone looked at the backside of this trend? (and yes, my entire house, indoor and outdoor are CFL-only now...)
re: ...
written by ubiquitous, November 26, 2007
who needs "neato" looking bulbs?

Stupid people.
know the cialis pills in canada benefits...
written by Bryan, November 27, 2007
Whatever can be done to increase CFL adoption is a good thing. Sometimes just making people aware of the benefits can go a long way. I am working with Southern California Edison right now to encourage people to replace traditional light bulbs with CFLs (compact fluorescent lightbulbs). The benefits are substantial, for example: CFLs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and they last up to 10 times longer.

SCE is holding a contest, too…you can enter a video or photo of yourself with a CFL in a contest they are holding - the winner may be selected to we choice cialis in spain appear in an SCE television commercial. Check out the details at
knowing the cons
written by Marisa, November 27, 2007
it's good to know the pros of cheap canadian cialis cfl's as bryan mentioned. but as some other people have already said, there are plenty of cons.

my family has replaced most of the lights in our home with cfl's and the "instiutional" feel they give is sometimes not so great. and the fact that they shouldn't just be thrown away can be a pain in the rear as well.

i don't think it's the aesthetic of the bulbs themselves that is deterring people from purchasing cfl's. more/better incentives to use cfl's in the home will make people buy them, not the shape of the bulbs.
written by Monotonehell, November 28, 2007
Several posters above me are saying that they prefer the "warm feel" of incandescents to the "institutional feel" of CFLs.

I much prefer the better spectra of light that CFLs give compared to the dim candlelight look of incandescents.

Down to personal preference I guess. Some people like to live in the dark.
dimmable available, and these are 'desig
written by Frank, November 28, 2007
@Jason: Dimmable CFL's are available, but they can be harder to find, I'll admit. Plus they are slightly more expensive.

And these are posh 'designer' bulbs, meant to be displayed in fixtures without a big lampshade or whatever. I think they're pretty sweet, but hopefully other manufacturers like GE and Philips make designer type bulbs like this available to give people more choices.
written by Marisa, November 28, 2007
I much prefer the better spectra of light that CFLs give compared to the dim candlelight look of incandescents.

I have to say that my cfl's take a few minutes to warm up to their brightest capacity, which allows me to adjust. I usually don't even notice how "institutionally" bright they are. I also have to say that incandescents are significantly brighter than candles.

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