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JUN 20

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"where can i buy usb charger? i need website or address?..."

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USB Battery Charger

Anything that removes a wire or frees up an outlet has a place in my office.  My battery charge has a permanent place hanging from my wall charging double and triple A's that power my wireless mouse, my Sony Librie, my digital camera, various remote controls, etc.  But the Everfast USB charger promises to rid my ofice of those wires and free that battery outlet.  Unfortunately, my USB outlets are not in extreme abundance either.  But it would be nice to be able to charge my batteries right here where I sit, and not have to get up and walk all the way across the room to replace my mouse batteries. 

The chargers accept two batteries at a time, either AA or AAA and charge nickel metal hydride batteries (always make sure you're using the right battery with the wow it's great buy generic viagra online right charger.) 

So, if you want to reduce your heavy metal waste without taking up extra outlets, or if you're too lazy to leave your workstation to cialis headaches get a fresh pair of AAA's you might want to look into this. 
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so cool,
written by james, October 07, 2006
why bother remembering to carry this when you can buy the usbcell!
Sell Lower Price Higher Quality Battery
written by Lily, November 04, 2007
How are you?
Please give me a little time to introduce myself,I will appreciate you!
Our company is a professional battery,charger and adapter manufacture in shenzhen,China.

Our Main Batteries and Chargers are in the followings:

1.Digital camera/Camcorder/AAA battery and charger.

2.Mobile Phone Battery and Charger

3.Laptop/PDA/2 way radio Battery

In recent days,we have developed some new products,such as :
1.Mobile Phone charger with two USB connecting Jacks--Our Patent Product.
2.Mini Iphone Speaker--Our Patent Product.

I think you will be interested in some items,If necessary,I will give you suitable quotation , high quality products,and good delivery time.

There are some quotations in the attachment,you can have a reference,if you have some requirements,please tell me freely,Thank you!

Hope your reply soon!
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written by Anthony, April 15, 2008
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homeland security asset coordinator
written by RALPH HUTTON, September 02, 2008
:)could you provide me price and levitra prices uk shipping charges for the USB CHARGER know one on Guam knows what i'm talking about. I have wireless mouse but my batteries go dead. I have 1 at home that came with my wifes laptop and it has usb plug with 2 double AA battery charger that recharges while plugged in to the laptop.If you can help me with my problem. I could find you a outlet in Guam. Thank you form your time please E-MAIL; ME BACK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE


written by jessica bugajski, January 10, 2009
where can i buy usb charger? i need website or address?

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