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JUN 20

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"I noticed on my Mac IBook charger, it says output of buy viagra where 45 Watts. I alway..."

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8.5 Watt Box, All Solid State.

Your computer probably has a 300 watt power supply, most do.  But your computer doesn't use 300 watts.  It could, if it wanted to, but power supplies very rarely get maxed out.  Usually computers run at around 80 watts, less than your average lightbulb, a remarkable thing, considering what they can do.  Your monitor is a different story.  Add in a 17 inch LCD and you can add in another 60 watts. 

But the Fantsuam Foundation of Nigeria has just produced a computer that can be powered by a single small solar panel with an output of roughly 8.5 watts.  The computer has no moving parts, the hard drive is solid state flash, which we've touted the power saving virtues of before.  

What's important is follow link best price cialis online that it's possible.  The 'Solo' has one gig of storage, one gig of RAM (both solid state), and a 14 inch monochrome LCD keeps costs and how to get cialis power use down as well.  The system maxes out at $1,200, a fair price considering that the unit comes with a solar panel and rechargeable battery.  It's a ways off from Negroponte's $130 laptop, but at 8.5 watts, I'm impressed no matter what the wow look it buy pfizer viagra online pricetag.
Via Gizmodo
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Not bad at all
written by a guest, June 21, 2006
Imagine what these systems will be able to do once the price of solar technology and solid state storage technology drop in price. Especially the price of solid state storage.

I heard that Samsung created a 64gb solid state storage chip. Can't wait!!
No Graphics?
written by a guest, June 22, 2006
In the Gizmodo article it says that only one gig of storage means no graphics. But what about Damn Small Linux, Puppy Linux or MenuetOS? This could be a surprisingly powerful (or at least really, really, really fast) system under a really small OS like one of the above.
written by a guest, June 22, 2006
I'm sure the system is extremely fast. There's no mention of processing speed, but with a gig of ram, no need for graphical rendering, and a solid state hard drive, it would probably beat down any traditional desktop.
My Mac Laptop
written by a guest, July 13, 2006
I noticed on my Mac IBook charger, it says output of 45 Watts. I always assumed that meant that was what my computer used. Am I wrong?

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