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JAN 03

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"I switched my entire home over to CFLs about a year ago. I have had ma..."

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CFL Migraine Concern Starts Crazy Wildfire

There's a Daily Mail story making the rounds on the enter site levitra to order blogosphere with the headline "Energy Saving Bulbs 'Can Cause Migraines' Warn Experts." Oh come on... are you serious?

Spend a little time reading the article and you discover that one 'expert,' who is in charge of recommended site cheap cialis uk a migraine awareness charity, said that there is brand viagra without prescription buy "concern." He worries that it's possible...that's all.

Is this really a story? Let's at least have someone do a study first, before the headline "CFLs Cause Migraines!!!" spreads like wildfire over the internet. I mean, I love blogs, but I've seen this story retold in five different places now...not one mentioning that it's just one guy who's concerned.

Not to say that I'm not happy for the level of concern. Concern is a good thing, and I think it should be investigated. But the truth is, the concern about migraine-inducing flickering is a non-issue with current CFLs, which are no longer stroboscopic (they give off constant, non-flickering, light.)

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migraines? naw. noise yes.
written by metis, January 03, 2008
CFL ballasts toss a bunch of garbage back into powerlines, which could cause some serious neutral load issues. it's noticeably absent from discussions on the lil energy friendly bundles of mercury and lead.
How sad
written by Dannah, January 03, 2008
How sad. You're right. This is exactly how these rumors spread and end up hurting good causes. besides, there may be different qualities of CFL's. We have some that you would swear are regular light bulbs and even the energy auditor didn't know they were CFL's (maybe that says more about him than the bulbs though).
I too have a concern...
written by weee, January 03, 2008
My concern is that the Daily Mail causes higher than necessary blood pressure in people foolish enough to only for you uk viagra sales read it. I know this as a fact because if I am careless enough to pick it up, under the impression that it's a newspaper, and open it I find my pulse rate increasing.
As an expert - on my own blood pressure - I feel qualified (in a Daily Mail style) to say absolutely unequivocally as a 'blood pressure expert' that the Daily Mail is a major risk to anyone who cares about quality reporting; and should be avoided by discerning people everywhere.
written by Hank, January 03, 2008
Thanks for that weee...I needed a laugh...
somewhat true
written by well ..., January 03, 2008
My kid's fifth grade teacher got migraines from fluorescent bulbs. So badly that he had them replace all the lights in his classroom with incandescents.

I've always been skeptical that this is some kind if placebo reaction, but I get migraines triggered by the weirdest things. All it takes is pfizer cialis canada certain smells sometimes, so this doesn't seem too far fetched.
written by Robin, January 04, 2008
No one here must suffer from migraines I'm 49 had them since i WAS 12 I have been saying this for years but instead of laughing at people, your best bet is to ask a person who suffers from these. They are not just a headache! I see people on both sides of this issue making fun of the other side instead of acting like adults and finding out facts health the enviroment ect. stop laughing and set an example for our youth! Thank You for listening
written by Drew, January 05, 2008
My girlfriend has suffered from chronic migraines for most of her life. We have made several lifestyle changes to alleviate their frequency. Coincidentally, during this period of time, we also converted our home completely to CFL's and LED's. The frequency of her migraines has gone down nonetheless. If they have an effect at all, it is completely insignificant in our experience! :)
written by Robin, January 05, 2008
If your girlfriend has migraines then you know that every one triggers are not the same. Some can be weather or hormones, ordors, lights etc. You can check it out if you would like some sites to start your research I would more than happy to help you out!
written by Deborah, January 06, 2008
The story is now also being carried by the BBC and CBC news websites, who are theoretically a more reputable source than the Daily Mail (whose deplorable stories are regularly debunked by Ben Goldacre in his marvelous Bad Science blog). This is classic bad science reporting: a representative of a lobby group notes that there is anecdotal evidence to online canadian pharmacy cialis suggest a link might exist, and the reporters (and the representative) jump to conclusions.

I'd like to see some solid research on whether CFLs are in fact triggering migraines, or perhaps eye-strain headaches that are easily confused with migraines. It's not inconceivable. Older CFL-type bulbs flicker like the tube fluorescents do (a known trigger), and the quality of light is different from that provided by incandescents. However, as Mr Green notes above, new CFLs are non-stroboscopic, and provide a light more comparable to that of incandescents. I think a reasonable hypothesis might be that older CFLs, or lower quality ones, but not newer high-quality CFLs, are responsible for the migraines that have been reported. I'll look forward to seeing the abstract on Medline.

Meanwhile, as both an environmentalist and migraine sufferer, I'm hoping this helps educate the public about both migraines and the new, improved CFLs...
written by Robin, January 06, 2008
Next time I get a migraine, which people here must not, I will tell myself that the suffering I'm going through from the floresants or my computer are just my imgination as I stand over my toilet!
written by paolo, January 06, 2008
As a professional migraine sufferer since the age of the best site buy chinese herbal cialis 16, I would like to toss my hat in the ring on this...

Personally, CFLs don't trigger migraine attacks for me. Strobing light will do that just fine, but CFLs no.... and haven't heard that before.

There are so many triggers for migraine in the modern world (stress, anyone?) that you can pretty spin around and point at something, and there's your problem...

And no, migraine is not a "headache", it's actually closer to a stroke. And yes, guys get them too. And yes, if you gave me a gun when I was having one, I would self-euthanize. They are that bad.
written by jackpine savage, January 07, 2008
Haven't we known that living life under fluorescent lights is really bad for us for a long time now? A CFL is the same light source as a tube, only its compact and self-ballasted.

I use them, but i'm still looking for information on their real carbon footprint...including the manufacturing process, mineral acquisition, and shipping from Asia. (or do externalized costs not count when defending CFL's?) And i wouldn't be surprised if we're "saving the Earth" here in America while destroying it in China. But hey, if that makes us feel better, that's all that's important. We're Americans and we're the most important people in the world.
written by Robin, January 07, 2008
Amen jackpine savage we think we are soooo special that no one counts but us. Global warming which I agree with is usefull link cialis 20mg cycles. When I was young we were told we were going into a ice age and that 1/3 of the US would be covered in ice and they wanted to put black objects on the polar capes since they were getting too big. We need to help the rest of the world ge to where we are than we can keep things as clean as we can then the viagra no prescriptions rest is up to the big guy(GOD)!
written by Davedude, January 18, 2008
This is also one of the many anti environmental rumors being spread by Rush Limbaugh on a daily basis. If we could capture the gas coming out of that wind bag we could solve our energy problems.
written by Frank Christiani, June 06, 2008
I believe we've got the solution for Eco-friendly outdoor and indoor low voltage lighting!!! LED's biggest drawback is the heat!!! this pre-ages the diode, we at Redbird incase the diode in epoxy, That seals it from water, buggs, dirt and any thing that could harm the diode! Please come take a look!!!
Personal Experience
written by Lisa, July 20, 2008
Unfortunately I am one who does get migraines from CFLs and flourescents of any kind. I get them from other things as well; however, EVERY time I spend more than 10-1 minutes near a cfl I will get a migraine.

I agree that studies need to be done, and this should not make it so that we do buy cialis online cialis not use cfls, as I realize they do save electricity etc. People should use them whenever, and where ever they can. I use them in my laundry room, as I am not in there long enough to be triggered. What I have a problem with is the idea that we will ONLY be able to purchase cfls in the future. I already do all of what is viagra my shopping online because going to stores the Flourescents trigger me every time. I just need to be able to read a book at home and/or work in my office without suffering in bed for 2 days.

written by Kari, October 09, 2008
From my personal experience, IT IS TRUE. I don't need a study.

I started using a CFL at my desk daily. As soon as I did it, I was having migraines and couldn't figure out why. After about a month and a half, I started to suspect the bulb because I wouldn't get a headache when I wasn't at my desk for the day. Plus, I was feeling a weird eye strain sometimes at my desk from the reflection off the bulb or if I accidentally looked at it seemed to intensify the headache.

I went ahead and changed the bulb to online ordering cialis the old one and I haven't had any headaches since and I was having them EVERY DAY with the bulb.

If you are having's worth looking into. FOR A FACT, THEY GAVE ME MIGRAINES.

I just searched the internet to find out if it there were other people who had this problem and found out about the so-called scare.
written by mowarsh, January 17, 2009
I get migraines from them. actually all fluorescents not just the CFL's. it the flicker rate. strobes cause migraines because they flicker. CFL's flicker fast enough that the eye doesn't "see" them but the brain still does. Principal Financial has been trying to find the migraine triggers in their staff and have found this to be true in a large portion of them.
CFL Downsides
written by Robert Pritchett, February 22, 2009
Absolutely, positively true, every word. We replaced incandescents and cialis sample used CFLs everywhere for 3 months. All of us suffered extreme migraines that refused to be fixed with pain medication, skin rashes and arthritic-like conditions. Until we watched Dr. Magda Havas on the Canadian program exposing the dangers of CFLs. Right after I replaced all the CFLs, we felt better and in 2 days we all had regained our health from debilitating pain and suffering. The website link goes to the research I have been able to do so far on the topic.
Switching back to incandescants
written by John Robinson, September 14, 2009
I switched my entire home over to CFLs about a year ago. I have had many problems with them, I can see them flicker, they make noise (as they get older), and they don't last anywhere near as long as advertised, but the worst thing was that the installation of the CFLs coincides with the onset of my migraines.

It can't be a placebo effect because I had not heard about any correlation until after I had noticed it myself.

I'm switching back to incandescent lamps. I have noticed no real money savings with the CFLs anyhow. Certainly not significant enough to make up for the higher cost.

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