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JAN 04

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I Vant to levitra pharmacy Suck your Vatts

It's a well-known fact... we geeks love info-graphics. Here's a great one demonstrating the amount of energy (and money) being sucked away into the void by vampire drain: that annoying tendency electronics have to use energy even when supposedly "off." At 11 cents per kilowatt/hour, you could save over $200 a year by unplugging your entertainment center when you're not using it! In America, it's estimated that over $3 billion a year vanishes in a puff of smoke due to vampires who sneak into your house at night to watch TV.

via Good Magazine

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written by Snooj, January 04, 2008
The link to "Vampire Energy" is a good visual representing the costs to plug in various electronics. However it doesn't touch the portions of the electronic sector that are the viagra cialis cheap fastest growing. I have been trading electricity for the greater part of the past decade and cheap viagra from uk the growth (and acceleration of growth) of off peak load has amazed me. It really took a look at my own consumption to see where this growth was coming from. It seems that everything that I have purchased since around 2000 plugs in. The power consumption for some of these gadgets is tiny but for some I was amazed when I measured it. Each of cialis pills my DVR's consumes almost as much energy as my refrigerator. During the summer they are probably responsible for more energy consumption than the fridge as they are in rooms that are kept cooler than the kitchen and the DVRs are essentially space heaters.
Every month I paid my utility bill but I always wondered why it was so freakin high. I realize that I live in the highest cost per kWh area in the nation but it still didn’t seem logical. Being an aspiring “EcoGeek” I wanted to see what the economic and environmental impact of my gadgets were. I did an audit of my apartment and I was amazed. Seems everything that my wife and I own cost us a lot more than the purchase price. Independently (with the follow link levitra and canada custom exception of the DVRs, the TVs, and the computers) they didn’t add up to much, but collectively they added up quickly.
Gadgets that I previously had plugged in 24/7;
Plasma TV’s (2)
DVR’s (2)
DVD Player (1)
Computers (2)
Monitors (5)
Laptop (1)
Internet Modem (1)
Internet Router (1)
Cell Phone Charger (2)
BlackBerry Charger (1)
Ipod Chargers (2)
Ipod Docking Station (1)
Toothbrush Chargers (2)
I made a few changes to behavior and made a few purchases (power strips and timer switches) and my monthly consumption is now less than half of what it was previously. Some changes were very simple – a) when I wasn’t charging something, the charger wasn’t plugged in b) hooking monitors up to a power strip and order cialis online canada flipping the switch off on the power strip when I left the screens, c) unplugging the laptop and the entertainment center when not in use. One of the problems that I ran into was that the wife wanted the DVRs plugged in during the disocunt cialis day as there might be a show on follow link online cheap viagra that she wanted recorded. The easiest way around this was to plug the DVR into a timer switch to turn the DVR on in the event that neither of us would be home in time to plug them back in (this also turns them off at night so that I don’t have to remember it). After a year my utility bills were down ~$600 from the previous year (even with a rate increase). I also wanted to see what the environmental savings (but I got lazy) so I looked only at the coal portion of 5 mg daily cialis the generation stack. Assumptions used;
Heat Content – 10,500 BTU/lb
Coal Plant Efficiency – 10,500 BTU/kWh
Uranium Content of Coal – 1.3 parts per million
Thorium Content of Coal – 3.2 parts per million
Mercury Content of Coal – 0.11 mg/kg
The percentage of the generation stack that is coal – 65%
Transmission and Distribution losses – 8%
Environmental Avoidance for the year
~2000 lbs of coal being burned
~0.0025 lbs of Uranium being released (either into the atmosphere through the smoke stack or into the environment through the coal ash)
~0.0063 lbs of Thorium being released (either into the atmosphere through the smoke stack or into the environment through the coal ash)
~0.000242 lbs of Mercury being released (either into the atmosphere through the smoke stack or into the environment through the coal ash)

These numbers don’t sound all that large, however this is simply for one small (fairly) energy efficient apartment in Manhattan. If we take more of a macro view and look at the 15,000,000 DVR’s that were installed last year or the 10,000,000 ipods that are sold quarterly, the number start to cheapest tramadol without prescription add up real quick.

One of the nicest things that these changes have made is online viagra store that the living conditions are better. Not having the buy levitra online no prescription waste noise and heat from all of these electronics is nice. I don’t have CPU or DVR fans kicking on and off and the AC doesn’t run anywhere near as often.
This is grat news.
written by Raredirt, January 04, 2008
I already knew this but great to see. I have recently gotten in the habit of unplugging everything (that has continual drain) each morning with the excpetion of online prescription cialis with discounts my microwave, fridge, and my alarm clock. I also use a programmable timer that lowers my temp to 45 when I am not home and cialis prescription online I turn my hot water heater to pilot every morning as well.

I have already noticed a combined savings for me of about $35 a month.

My list of things to unplug includes DVR, Cablemodem, wireless router, Computer and monitor.

Now it helps that I am living single and am not a very materialistic guy.

I visit almost daily keep up the good work.
written by Sam D, January 04, 2008
I believe a lot of people are familiar with vampire energy drain, as I have been, but while I try my best to unplug the unused appliances, it really does become a hassle to run around flipping all those switches and pulling all those plugs every time I leave.
I would love to online viagra uk see someone develop an affordable system that allows you to press a button when leaving the house and flip a multitude of gadgets off. Devices like this do already exist, but they costs thousands of dollars and require special installation. How about a wireless solution, similar to X10, that would allow me shut off all these devices with the press of a button?
written by sodapop, January 05, 2008
"I would love to see someone develop an affordable system that allows you to press a button when leaving the house and flip a multitude of gadgets off."

They have already created a switch like this. Plus, if you live in a condo or town house, your breaker box is usually in the master bedroom.
written by jackpine savage, January 07, 2008
I'm lucky: i live in an old house with shitty wiring. The luck comes in with the fact that some of my outlets are wired through wall switches.

TV, playstation, stereo, and phone charger (no land line) are all controlled by a switch...only you have to remember to switch on when you're charging the phone.

Our computer, speakers, printer, and modem all run through a power strip.

I still have fairly high electric bills, but then again, i grow about 50% of our produce needs in house.
But that's my hobby as well as my dinner.
energy conservation consultant
written by advanced global energy systems, March 04, 2008
we have many devises that can decress your utility bill by your business and your house,the more you use your ac or your apliances,and equipment the more we can save you

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