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JUL 21

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iRex iLiad Becomes an Ultra-Low Power Web Browser

iRex iLiadThe iRex iLiad is the most recent and viagra online store also most expensive contribution to the generic cialis for sale e-book market.  The device comes equipped with a gorgeous high-res e-ink display and an internal wireless card.  The wireless card, theoretically, will only connect to the iLiad news service, which will send you whatever news you have subscribed to (some free content, some not.)

Well Ali, Arivero and R2D2 have created some pretty user-friendly hacks for the iLiad that, when used together, allow web browsing.  This is officially the only device on which you can browse the web online with an e-ink display.  iRex didn't do it on purpose, but you can do it.  The hack is simple and non-intrusive, but it does require the iLiad network card to be constantly on which will drain the batteries a bit.
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