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JUL 25

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If you, like us, are living in a place with only one electrical socket....

Some of us here at Ecogeek have chosen to spend our summers in the thick of the Adirondacks, and while New York's finest foggy mountains are quite pretty, some of their accomodations are well ... er... a bit rustic. While I've managed to find a way to power my clunker of a desktop computer, every time I so much as try to plug in my socket-charged flashlight my entire cabin gives a disappointing flicker and womans viagra fades into darkness.
Needless to say, I've been desperately searching for battery-powered anything
Thanks to Treehugger , I found the following round-up:
The fan is boasted to be the longest-running battery-powered fan on the market, but we're also enamored with its versatility. Our cabin has a square footage that rivals a tool shed, so we're happy to know it can be mounted on the wall, can stand on the floor or a table, and also has a handle that can be used on a wire or clothesline.
On the left is the gadget that's going to wow look it buy generic levitra make me very popular with the other folks around me up here -- a Coolmatic cooler that runs on a 12V battery. You can set the cooling temperature you want, and boasts that your food and drink will stay cold for two days.
Finally, since plugging in our flashlight doesn't seem to be an option, we might be checking out the little gadget in the middle, the 20-LED Pivot Lantern . It has a couple levels of lighting to choose from, runs on 8 D-sized batteries, and lasts about 24 hours.
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