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JUL 29

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"Hello misters! My company is engaged in capital construction in territ..."

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Introducing Electrochromic Skylights

electrochromicglassSkylights can be wonderful things.  They give a house free and sustainable light and they add spaciousness to a room.  But there's such a thing as too much light, especially during these warm summer months.   For just this reason, manufacturers like Velux are beginning to produce skylights with electrochromic glass.  
The glass itself has special layers of material which turn dark when an electrical current is applied.  Instead of needing shades or blinds, the glass itself darkens and clears in order to control light levels.  Some sizes are currentlyavailable and more are scheduled to be in production later in the year.
They are still several times the cost of a traditional skylight with a shade, but they could be especially useful in places where it is difficult to accessthe skylight.  The shading provided is enough to cut glare, heat and UV coming through the window, but it does not a completely opaque the window.
Operating the windows takes only a small amount of electricity.  "[I]t takesless electricity to operate a house full of SageGlass® products than to operate a single 40-watt light bulb."  Of course, this would all make much more sense to us if it had some thin-film solar built in.
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electrochromic glass
written by Alexey, April 20, 2008
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