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AUG 11

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"Good info about GridPoint Makes Smart Meters Seem Dumb :)..."

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GridPoint Makes Smart Meters Seem Dumb

connect_imageIt's one thing to know how much energy you're consuming at any given moment, it's quite another to have a GridPoint system installed in your house.  Both of GridPoint's devices (the Connect and the Protect) save you money by peak shaving.  For example, the GridPoint system will store electricity during off-peak hours when electricity can be as much as 10 times cheaper.  Then, during the day, when most people are using electricity, that stored energy powers your house and you don't have to levitra online samples uk buy the expensive juice.  This, of course, assumes that your utility company charges extra for peak use, but, as energy gets more expensive, this will become more prevalent. 

Both GridPoint systems are built around a series of batteries and a Pentium computer which is both a client and a server.  The GridPoint computer constantly checks your household energy use and the prices the utilities are charging and decides when to store energy, when to do nothing, and when to pump electricity into your house.

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Even more exciting, the Connect system actually has the added feature of viagra without prescription online being the look here online us viagra only device capable of managing your in-house renewable energy and selling it back to the electric company!  Again, GridPoint is constantly in contact with the electric company so, if it can make more by selling the energy you're producing and cialis official website operating the house off batteries, then it does that.  The GridPoint system also has a really cool, web-enabled application (demo here) that lets you see what GridPoint is doing with your energy and how much energy you're producing and using and how much money you're saving. 

This kind of technology, really, could change the way the power grid in this country works.  It could help America decentralize its energy generation and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.  And, somehow, save us all money while creating a new sector of the high quality viagra economy and giving us all more control over our lifestyles. 




Via CNet News

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Pentium computer?
written by a guest, August 11, 2006
What happens when the computer crashes?
written by a guest, August 11, 2006
Well...I don't think it's running Windows so that shouldn't be too much of a problem
Battery costs.
written by a guest, August 12, 2006
It would be interesting to know how much the replacement batteries would cost.

Assuming they are deep cycle lead acid, you are talking about replacement every three/four years, not very enviromentaly friendly and expensive.
written by computerden, October 29, 2007
i agree well said and great article.
written by YahooBot, November 14, 2008
Good info about GridPoint Makes Smart Meters Seem Dumb :)

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