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JUL 08

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"The power consumption numbers for plasma/LCD/cathode-ray tube (CRT) ar..."

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Green(ish) LaserVue Set to Take Over TV Industry

Buy a television these days and buy generic ultram online the virtues are bigger and flatter. Mitsubishi wants to add another component to viagra online 50mg that. Mitsubishi’s new laser TVs are more environmentally-friendly than others, the company claims, using one-half the power of today’s LCD and one-third the canada tramadol power needed for plasma. So far, Mitsubishi has been tight-lipped about its technology, so we don’t know if they’ll be a help in capping the potentially hazardous emissions let loose during the production of plasma and LCD screens.

The LaserVue TV has operating power targeted under 200 watts. According to an article in the Telegraph, large plasma screen TV uses 450 watts of electricity. Old cathode-ray tubes TVs used only 75 watts. So it beats out the current competition, and the quality of the screen I’m sure makes up for how much more it consumes than the massive old light boxes we used to stare at. While there may be other energy-sipping competitors to contend with, the laser TV is a totally new experience. The first size, a gigantic 65” screen, will be released later this year with a 73” screen size later. The depth will be about 10” – thicker than LCDs and OLEDs, but still quite thin. Prices will be released later, Mitsubishi says, but we can guess they’ll cost a pretty penny.

Via Mitsubishi, Crunchgear

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poor comparison of power consumption num
written by Brian, July 09, 2008
The power consumption numbers for plasma/LCD/cathode-ray tube (CRT) are highly misleading. The power used is viagra online sales a strong function of the size of area of the screen, so comparisons should only be done of TVs of comparable size. If that is done, there's no way the real levitra without prescription CRT is more efficient than the LCD TVs today.

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