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AUG 31

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"The chances of paying $170 extra for a mobile phone or a PDA are far l..."

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Ultra Low-Power Wireless Card

Sharp has just announced the generic viagra soft creation of the most efficient WLAN module in the world.   It is also the smallest.  The 8.0 x 7.6 x 1.3 millimeter module can connect to a wireless network using less power than any other device yet created.  Less than a fifth of a watt is consumed when receiving data and canada online pharmacy propecia only 0.3 miliwatts are consumed in idle mode. 
These things will likely find homes in cell phones and PDA's first.  But as the $170 pricetag drops they'll find their way into laptops, cameras and possibly even your household appliances.  Connecting to the internet without sucking a lot of juice is a big deal, not to mention the benefits for low-power computing.
Via Engadget
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$170 and on cellphones before laptops?
written by GTW, September 05, 2006
Shouldn't it be the other way around? Would people pay $170 extra for a cellphone for better wifi or pay $170 extra for a laptop that's a couple of best viagra thousand dollars anyway?
written by Hank, September 05, 2006
Because there's no reason to it's cool mail order cialis have an expensive chip in a laptop when the amount of size and power it uses doesn't make as much off a difference. Laptops might as well use cheaper, larger chips. While cell phones need to be tiny and last a long time with small batteries.

written by GTW, September 11, 2006
The chances of paying $170 extra for a mobile phone or a PDA are far less than people paying it for a laptop for increased battery life. Also, the size of the chip could have a correlation with the the best choice levitra online buy energy consumption. And even if that's not true... why do you think there are bigger chips that can do the best choice levitra 100mg it when the post itself calls this thing "the most efficient WLAN module in the world"?

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