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AUG 25

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"using neutral? modern cars use fuel when in neutral to keep the engine..."

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Fuelly is Hypermilers’ Online Support System

They say losing weight can be easier when you do it as part of a group. You can have all the diet shakes, meal plans, and gym memberships you want, but sometimes you just need people to do cheap buy viagra it with you. So too can be the story of cutting gas from your budget.

Hypermilers have the Kiwis, the Drivemaster Pros, sure; but now they have a new online networking group through Fuelly that can help them track their mileage and cialis profesional gas consumption, and compare and discuss their efforts with other hypermilers.

Because users add their vehicles to their profiles, you can see how efficient other drivers of your same make and model vehicle can be, so you can compare apples to apples to see if there is more room for improvement in your own driving.

There are also forums where people can share all the secrets of stretching each drop of gas – coasting down hills, utilizing neutral, predicting light changes so you don’t waste acceleration just to have to stop at a red. In this way, Fuelly’s online networking helps users maximize the efficiency they get out of each tank.

The site is still fairly basic, but the forum has a place for site issues, so it looks like the creators will be constantly improving it and making it more detailed.

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written by Adam, August 25, 2008
Don't forget, another great hyper-miling site with similar tracking features.
written by Marcel, September 01, 2008
using neutral? modern cars use fuel when in neutral to keep the engine going, while the fuel is cut off while breaking on the engine by letting the throttle go. The tactic is still the same: let go of viagra with no prescription the throttle in time and roll out. Of course, you need to tune this with your fellow roadusers as to what is an acceptable point to let go and brake.

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