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One Watt Light Bulbs!

ledisonLED lamps have been around for a while. But new products keep coming out that allow high-efficiency LEDs to replace more incandescent bulbs and drastically reduce energy use at the same time.

Mule Lighting now has their LEDison series of LED lamps which are meant to replace standard incandescent lights for decorative applications. Unlike most other LED lights, these fit into standard Edison-base sockets (hence the name LEDison.)  These can be used just like compact flourescents with no special fixtures required.  

LEDison lamps are being used to cheap levitra generic replace 10 to 60w incandescent bulbs in commercial applications (like shopping malls). The LED lamps have ten times the service life of the incandescents they replace, and use only 1 watt! An even greater cost savings is realized when the annual maintenance costs of replacing incandescent bulbs is considered.  Unfortunately, they're not yet being mass produced and are probably pretty expensive (since they wouldn't tell us how much they cost.) 

They don't quite produce the we choice levitra 20 mg amount of cheap tramadol overseas pharmacy light we usually expect from household lamps, so compact fluorescents are still probably a better choice, for now. But progress continues, and these are another neat little step along the way.

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written by a guest, September 03, 2006
i have been asking myself one question for some time : what is the environmental cost of thos compact fluorescent bulbs ? they save energy, right... but don't they contain gas ? what happens to it when the bulb is destroyed ? can it be recycled ? is it ?
Flourescent Gas
written by a guest, September 03, 2006
Usually the gasses in flourescent lightbulbs are mostly innocuous (neon, for example, is completely inert.) But they do contain a small amount mercury vapour, which is bad for everybody. LED bulbs don't contain mercury, or any toxic substances at all. In that respect, they're definitely better.
great !
written by a guest, September 03, 2006
so that is definitely good news ! i came back to apologize for my question, as i saw later on your great site that the problem of recycling fluo lightbulb's mercury may soon be taken into account. smilies/smiley.gif

thanx fo your reply and cialis for women the extra precisions ! please continue writing about all those important matters.


PS: either my eye-corretion is even worse than what i thougt, or your "write the displayed characters" comment field is really bugging me :/
written by a guest, September 03, 2006
Yeah, captcha is annoying, but spam is worse.
they exist already !
written by a guest, September 04, 2006
I really don't click ads often on the cost viagra web, but on this article is an adsense for "Led Bulb" that gives this :

they are not that expensive and seem to be shipping already !


PS2 : the captcha annoys me by saying "Incorrect Password" many times, whan i am always almost sure i got it right... had to "try" 3 times on my first comment, 3 times on the second, and i'm giving here my 3rd try smilies/smiley.gif
can you dim them?
written by a guest, September 04, 2006
I've got a lot of dimmers in my house and I know you can't use flourescents in them. Can you use LEDs?
Re: Dimmable
written by a guest, September 04, 2006
A single LED is not dimmeable, these "bulbs" contain multiple LEDs and if the base were smart the unit could be dimmable by disabling a portion of the LEDs when given less juice.

P.S. Your Bobdamn captcha is worse than most and does not work.
Re: Dimmable
written by a guest, September 04, 2006
If you go to that site '' it states that using a dimmer might damage the LED 'bulb'.
Captcha Issues
written by a guest, September 04, 2006
Thanks everyone for the notice on my freaky captcha. I'm disabling it for now until I figure out what it's doing.
written by a guest, September 04, 2006
Even though compact fluorescents contain a tiny amount of mercury, it's actually less mercury than is released by a power plant to generate the difference in power between a CF and an incandescent bulb. So even if you don't recycle it, you're still putting less Hg into the we use it womans cialis get cialis in canada environment.
True True...
written by a guest, September 04, 2006
But even the small amount of mercury in a CFL is more than is in an LED light :-)
Re: They Already Exist
written by a guest, September 04, 2006
Yup...they've been around, but these have a combination of practicality and extreme low wattage that I've never seen before.
Semiconductor chemistry
written by a guest, September 04, 2006
There may be less chemicals in the unit itself. But there are some VERY nasty chemicals used to manufacture these, along with a alot of Di-water
dimming leds
written by a guest, September 04, 2006
you can dim leds if you pulse width modulate the signal. on that note, most people wouldn't bother, but if these bulbs become common enough someone will definitely make some modules...
written by a guest, September 04, 2006
Good point on the environmental strain. The process for producing LCD's is hardly a threat though. And there is no gas in LEDs. If anything, compact fluorescent bulbs are more environmentally unfriendly.
written by tester, September 04, 2006
Great heads up on the LED news, keep it up.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
written by JPH, September 04, 2006
LEDs are toxic
written by Andrew Krause, September 04, 2006
The guy who claimed LEDs don't contain toxic substances is completely wrong. LED's use silicon doped with exotic heavy metals such as cadmium, cesium, arsenic, tin, and yes, mercury. Also, LED's are attached to circuits with electronic solder, which is 60^ lead, 39% tin, and 1% silver. Meanwhile, flourescent bulbs do contain mercury vapor.

In truth, it's six of wow)) buy canadian cialis online one, half a dozen of the other. A bad flourescent bulb doesn't contain enough mercury to even be noticed. (That's why they're bad - the mercury vapor leaked out.) You could eat a handful of LEDs, and your worst concern would be a perforated intestine - not poisoning.
written by dominique, September 04, 2006
wow what will the general market be? will those be sold on asian countries?
time to enable your captcha
written by zalame, September 04, 2006
previous comments indicate that indeed, spam is worse than your broken captcha! enable it and save us all.
led vs cfl vs regular bulb
written by JC, September 04, 2006
I think the mercury issue of cfl is offset by the electricity savings, remember in many places they burn bad stuff to make electricity which releases bad things into the air. I do not think LEDs are quite up to the benefits of cfl yet, but they are getting better all the time (plus they still cost quite a bit more.)
written by rhod, September 04, 2006
Where can I buy those?
Toxic LEDs
written by Hank, September 04, 2006
There are a lot of ways to make LEDs, and lots of ways to solder. You don't have to solder with lead, you can solder with aluminum. You don't have to use mercury or aresenic in an LED and, largely, people don't. Sure, they can be toxic, but CFL's need mercury and LEDs don't.
written by Hank, September 04, 2006
Captcha enabled, it didn't take long for the spammers to show up...very amazing.
written by coolies, September 04, 2006
One watt is inaccurate. It's actually more like 5 watts but that headline certainly grabs more attention! Nice products!
No Illumination
written by Brad, September 04, 2006
I haven't been very impressed by LED lights. I got a couple led light bulbs about a year ago. They light up, but they do not illuminate. The ones I got supposedly replace 60w incandescents. They are about as bright as a night-light. They were pretty worthless for me, as far as light sources go. But they sure are pretty. $50 of pretty...

Are the LEDison bulbs any brighter than night-lights?
written by Republitarian, September 05, 2006
You enviro-wackos are funny. Careful, don't fart too much, might cause greenhouse gases. Mercury vapor in lightbulbs? LOL. I'm all for saving on my light bill, but you guys raise this shit to a religion. Ridiculous.
Hank is right
written by Robespierre, September 05, 2006
LEDs do not necessarily contain anything nasty though it is certainly possible that they would. 2-Watt LEDs are out ther and visit web site sales cialis 3-Watt lamps are just around the corner. CFLs are certainly better than regular incandescent bulbs, but I for one urge anyone out there who is working on advancing LED technology to hurry up! We are waiting for you.
Harmful, but Less Waste?
written by Paul, September 05, 2006
Perhaps CFs and LEDs have harmful waste products, but this may also be temporarily offset by their increased longevity, i.e., we don't have to consume as many as traditional incandescents?
Not an option .. yet
written by Mark, September 06, 2006
I'll continue to use CFL until something better comes along, but right now CFL are the best option available to me. When a better option presents itself, I'll use it instead.
Annoying flicker?
written by Mike, September 06, 2006
I got some LED christmas lights last year for our christmas tree, they look neat, but they flicker at 60hz (or whatever our power here alternates). It's barely noticable, but every once in a while I'd see the flicker as I turned my head. Do these lights flicker?
written by Larzie, September 09, 2006
I have to educate people on compact flourescents all the time. CFLs are fairly harmless if recycled properly. They can be broken down in a way that hardly allows anything to levitra ed be placed in a landfill unless you just throw it away! We are our own worst enemy with that (just simply being too lazy). With all the current reserch going into enegy efficiency, CFLs have taken a long first step. LEDs for commercial purposes, like exit signs and lights in the bathroom, just make sense.
i have several
written by hh, September 10, 2006
I actually have several of these LED bulbs and they are nice, but the light is very dim. I was wondering if anyone else has the only now get cialis cheap 57 LED light bulb. Compared to the 18 LED bulb, how much more light does it give off? Does it shoot out the light in a wide range like a CFL or is it like a direct spotlight thing again? These bulbs are pretty expensive, but I like the lighting; it doesn't hurt my eyes - Still too dim.
LED Bulbs
written by Mike, September 20, 2006
I've look into the Lead issue with LED's and learnt that most of cheap cialis online prescription the companies that make these products are in Asia and most of there exports are 2 Europe. That said, Europe has strict Lead laws in products and most of these companies have changed there LED products to Lead free.
Anyways, I got some great 120V LED bulbs that were very bright from cyberguys website. Over 150 LED's in one bulb...I've ordered a bunch for my cottage that runs on solar with an invertor and they work great. I've ordered many LED bulbs in the past and these ones have the best quality I've seen and purchasing cialis with next day delivery reasonable price. One thing I noticed, the cheaper the LED product...the cheaper the quality.
LED are cool
written by Al Toman, October 23, 2006
LED contain gases within acrylic casings. The gas is ignited by the cathode-anode when powered producing the color (wave length) associated with the gas. White, blue, and green LED can be InGaN and red, orange, and yellow can be InGaAIP. Check the manufacture's product specifications. The older gas types degraded when exposed to UV (such as for outdoor signs).

The small amount of mercury in CPLs becomes a concern when you multiple 1 bulb by billions comsumed and disposed of annually. States such as NY adopted Fluorescent bulb disposal laws (2005).

LED can be dimmed by their very nature (D=diodes). The spec sheet for the lumidrive VariLED16 states "The MicroDriver 16 VariLED has two dimming options using either 0-10V dimming or dimming with a remote potentiometer." LED require constant current or voltage drivers since (household) or typical wall pack's fluctuate in output, taking chances in frying the LED. Try to use regulated output wall packs when working with/using LED.

LED require a ballast resistor, of sorts because they require very little energy to glow. Use E=IR to calculate the resistor needed when working with LED, depending on the voltage of your power source. Discrete white LED are typcially rated 3.6vdc at 30mA. Drive them at 20-24mA instead. This assures their longevity of about 11.4 years even though 30mA yields brighter light. Keep in mind that a 12v car battery yields more than 12 volts. LED degrade to 70% after about 5 years, typically, though not dramatically noticable to overnight tramadol the human eye.

You can use the LED calculator at to design your LED circuits.

The industry is shooting for 2010-2011 to market home-use LED light bulbs that are more acceptable in brightness, color, and price ;-)~

LED are cool. Not really. Your 60watt lightbulb yields 5% light and 95% heat energy whereas LED yield 90% light and 10% heat. High flux LED require heat sinking, else, they will eventually fry.
The efficiency of LED make them highly adaptable for solar energy (currently only 14-15% efficient). Shortly, I'll have a SOLAR-LED calculator posted so that you can calculate the size of your solar panel and battery to power your LED garden-pathway lights.

My small office is entirely illuminated with LED, only 6watts. And I won't be changing lightbulbs for the next 11 years, if I live that long~! 4watts of cool-white for background and 2watts of warm-white over my desktop keyboard. Cool-white reflecting off of buy tramadol cheap medication buy a white painted wall makes plenty enough of light.

Yup. LED are cool~!
LED Bulbs@ a Reasonable Price
written by Jeff Smith, November 12, 2006
LED light bulbs are in their infancy and we will only see improvements in color rendering and light output per watt. If you are looking for a web site to try some now at a reasonable price ($7 to $13 each) then you might want to check out I bought a couple and they work just fine in the right application, such as small reading light or a night light in a lamp.
LED technology Litebook
written by Katie, December 08, 2006
There is a new combact product that uses LED technology to simulate sunlight to help fight depression, stress, fatigue, and SAD (seasonal affective disorder). This new light therapy is called the Litebook® Elite™ and more information can be found at
Dir of Utilities
written by Jay Draiman, December 25, 2006
There are LED Par 35 with 72 diods, which I purchased.
There is also a new development in LED lighting whereby one diod produces over 200 lumens.
There need to be mass marketing and mass production to reduce the cost of LED and expedite the payback period.
In this Era of Renewable Energy. We need to expedite the use of LED technology to reduce energy consumption.
Jay Draiman
Northridge, CA. 91325
Lead in LEDs
written by Parj Sangha, January 10, 2007

I have read some comments on here and i would just like to clarify that most LEDs such as Luxeon contain no lead or other hazardous products such as cadium as required by European law.

The soldering process has also been changed so that solder is now lead free. This is a more expensive process now but it is entirely lead free and meets EU laws
written by rita, January 25, 2007
i have a question that i cannot find the answer question is ... What extra thing does a regular light bulb produce that a fluorescent light bulb does not? hoping that this question can be answered...thank you!!!
But who spends??
written by Arzhang, January 29, 2007
how do you go about increasing consumer awareness of these great energy saving solutions though?? Most people wont part with the extra money even if if they dont have to replace them for years!! Should'nt they be government-subsidised as part of a worldwide eficciency drive?
written by Bob, February 04, 2007
Perhaps not the right forum but I'm hoping someone can help.
I help care for a retreat facility located in a deep wilderness area well off the grid.
For the past 30 years we have used kerosene lanterns for night lighting throughout the grounds.
We'd like to make the switch to solar lanterns. Our first try has not been successful. The lanterns we purchased turned out to be of order cheapest cialis online flimsy construction (plastic) and provided inadequate lighting.
In searching the web we've found a lantern that looks more promising. Specs claim 2-3 watts of lighting. How bright is 2-3 watts of lighting? (Any suggestions?). Thanks
solar lighting for retreat facility
written by Al Toman, February 13, 2007
Before you spend a lot more of your money on those Wal-Mart garden light variety of LED solar lamps, let me get back to you in a week (when I'm out of the hospital).
I think that we can come up with solid solutions for you. SOLAR and LED applications are PURE MATH. We'll do the math and see what will work.

2-3-5watt illuminators will require some hefty solar, that is, if you really want them to work properly. There are other things, however, that we can do in your application.

Kind Regards,
Al Toman
It's a gas...
written by spam with everything, March 26, 2007
LEDs do not contain any gas as stated above. LEDs are constructed of two layers of semiconductor material doped (impregnated) with different impurites such as gallium, arsenide, aluminium etc. It is the different impurities that allow LEDs to be made in a range of colour outputs from infra-red right through the visable range and into ultraviolet.
written by Ranjit Sohal, June 11, 2007

Recently I have installed around 20 led type light bulbs in one of online viagra cheap our business premises, simply to see how efective they are. My first observations are they are both efficient and effective. Amazing how bright they are, rated at 5 Watts. Yes, they were very expensive. If anyone wanys any information, please contact me.
YOU did Mallets Creek? YOU ARE AWESOME!
written by Brian Shensky, June 22, 2007
Kudos to you, sir. It's a privilege to touch the blog of the architect of my favorite library.

Oh, we make the occasional fun quip about bringing goats in from the Buhr Park farm across the street to keep the library roof nice and viagra brand neat, but that's part of the allure and source of our love for the place.
written by Blags, June 22, 2007
I tried an LED, it broke on me within a few months of usage.

Its important to remember that even if they have a much longer lifetime, their electronics can still break.

Apparently CFL bulbs can die the same way.

Melbourne apparently has fairly dirty power which is probally the cialis tablets cause of the LED dying, the site where I brought the bulb from where selling another type cheaply because the electronics where susceptible to breaking when the power was dirty but only for one of the colours in the bulb. I assume the bulb I had was also to some extent susceptible, but since it was only one colour it died completely.
written by spyder, June 27, 2007
written by Marion Meyer, June 27, 2007

AT 1-4 watt's and I WILL BE HAPPY.
COLD,GREY-WHITE,AND UGLY. smilies/cry.gif
written by Ben, July 31, 2007
sdcsfvfacfgfhjghjfghf smilies/grin.gif smilies/angry.gif smilies/sad.gif :- smilies/kiss.gif
cost effectiveness
written by john, August 27, 2007
cost is still the issue. I have seen prices as much as $25.00 / unit.

and if made in China, there is still the matter of quality control/assurance.

can someone get back to me on these issues.
Quality of emitted light
written by LED Light Bulbs, August 31, 2007
As Marion Meyer has stated the quality of the light is still an issue for some specific applications where colour reproduction etc is an issue. Things have improved greatly recently though and for most the benefits (especially the long term economic and environmental) now make LED Light Bulbs such as these an increasingly viable alternative.

I have put my research based around LED Light Bulbs online on
Light quality and economics
written by Joe Russack, September 21, 2007
I just looked into light quality (and did some back of the envelope cost analysis). I have photos of cree and luxeon III Leds in action here:
and, installed, here:

The summary is these new LEDs look great, quality-wise. They don't have that awful dead look that CFs can have. This is architectural usage, of course. If you're trying to do color proofing, that's a whole different ball game. Note that the new luxeon k2 is available in three distinct color tempratures.
written by The Kid, September 22, 2007
What harm would LEDs cause to the environment?
written by pharmacy online, October 08, 2007
I don't know why, but I have always preferred the light coming from incandescent filament bulbs than to fluorescent or even energy efficient ones. I appreciate it's a waste of energy, and have a more modern light above, but I still prefer the glow of a filament bulb in my desk lamp. Hopefully these LED's light will be better.
LED products
written by Carmen, November 18, 2007
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LED products:

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written by jim, February 05, 2008
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We provide LED products
written by EDDY GU, February 14, 2008
Dear Sirs,

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written by homayoun bakhtiari, February 24, 2008
dear sirs
hello how are you.
please explain about heat of led lamp.are led lamp produce little heat or not?
written by dank, February 26, 2008
LEDs produce very little waste heat, as opposed to incandescent and CFL light bulbs.
Another added bonus is that they have no mercury!
check out this helpful website to learn more about them:
No Captcha enabled?
written by Grayson Peddie, March 23, 2008
Hi. How can there's no CAPTCHA enabled to prevent spambots from spamming in here?

Anyway, I really wanted to have dimmable LEDs with color temperature of 5000k (4000k is okay but I prefer 5000k or better) and that I really wanted a 75w equavelant when it comes out.

I'm getting tired of yellow light bulbs... smilies/sad.gif
Science teacher
written by Bart, March 24, 2009
I bought a 40W equivalent LED lightbulb at Wal-Mart this past weekend (Mar 22, 2009) for $5-6. It had a clear bulb covering several tiers of up-facing LEDs. Brand name started w/ an "F".

They also had an LED Party light for a little more, that allows you to pick a color or to let it cycle through the colors (abrupt or fade). I think it was $6.50 or so. It isn't very bright but it is very appropriate for parties or dim movie lighting. Cool!
written by Bart, March 24, 2009
FEIT was the brand name.

Party Bulb pic:
LEDs are too inefficient
written by bocci, November 20, 2009
LEDs are ridiculously dim for their "equivalency" rating. They just don't illuminate areas well.

CFLs are usually brighter than their equivalency rating.
written by iBluray, May 06, 2010
so that is definitely good news ! i came back to apologize for my question, as i saw later on your great site that the problem of recycling fluo lightbulb's mercury may soon be taken into account.
written by step up converter, June 11, 2010
gooooood post!
How times have changed...
written by LED Spotlights, September 15, 2010
LED lighting has developed so quickly since this article was written, just look around.
written by John, April 02, 2011
so that is definitely good news ! i came back to apologize for my question, as i saw later on your great site that the problem of recycling fluo lightbulb's mercury may soon be taken into account
Changing times
written by LED Light Bulbs, June 25, 2011
It's really amazing reading this article and seeing what is going on in the LED industry, especially now that there are so many laws being implemented requiring the use of LEDs. Little by little people will become more energy wise which means good things for efficiency and in turn the world. Hope things keep going the way they are!
Supra TK Society Shoes
written by Women Supra Skytop Shoes, January 15, 2012
They don't quite produce the amount of light we usually expect from household lamps, so compact fluorescents are still probably a better choice, for now. But progress continues, and these are another neat little step along the way

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