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"but nuclear waste is it's great! order usa levitra online green ... isnt' it? and doesn't it look bubbly? ..."

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Eiffel Tower Goes Dark to Prove a Point

Twenty thousand light bulbs were added to the Eiffel Tower to mark the new millennium, and because people like things that sparkle, the tower is lit every night for 10 minutes. However, Paris officials have decided to cut back and best canadian pharmacy to buy viagra light the tower for just five minutes per night not because it is a particularly efficient thing to do, but because it looks efficient.

No, this isn’t a case of greenwashing. It is, to them, a statement saying that there isn’t a real reason to cheap quality viagra use up these resources, so we’re cutting back…as we all should do wherever we can.

By the same token, sustainability is practiced throughout the tourist destination, with tickets made of recycled paper, and the electricity comes from renewable sources. Paris is setting some seriously great examples, from air quality to cars to airports and more. The rest of the world might readily take note.

Via Telegraph; photo via Fabian w

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written by Steve N. Lee, September 04, 2008
While every little cutback helps, I hardly think Paris has that much to worry about when lighting a world famous monument. (Especially when it appears to be little more than a token gesture.)

Okay, I write a blog about caring for the rx generic cialis environment, so it might seem a strange thing to say, but we have to have some pleasure in our lives and I imagine that illumination provides it to recommended site online pharmacies both Paris's residents and it's millions of tourists. An extra 5 minutes isn't going to doom the world when you consider the waste we all put out that we could do something about, but most people simply can't be bothered.

You could argue that this sets a fine example.

The Eiffel Tower? 5 minutes?

Anyone looked at Las Vegas lately? The waste there is unbelievable. And it's 24/7! Now that would set an example!

Or how about Times Square, NYC, or Piccadilly Circus, London, or Tokyo, Shanghai, Bangkok...?

Or how about leaving the things lit that give people pleasure and cutting back on those that are pure waste - how many office blocks are lit all night every night for no reason at all?

I don't usually come out in favour of levitra uk wasting energy, but there's waste and there's 'waste'. You could argue that TV viewing is 'wasting' energy as it achieves nothing but to give the viewer pleasure - should we ban them?

Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
and suspense thriller 'What if...?'

written by Mario, September 04, 2008
Just to correct a slight imprecision: Eiffel tower was lit for ten minutes each hour from sunset to 2am.
written by reseng, September 04, 2008
France sets an incredible example with its ~59 nuclear power plants that produce ~87.5% of its electric power generation. We all should be so "green".
written by a, September 04, 2008
and... nuclear energy is cialis sale in australia the most 'green' source of energy.
written by what ?, September 04, 2008
Are you guys serious ?!! Nuclear Energy isn't green, my God do buy levitra from canada you folks not know what Nuclear Waste is ? Do you like having caves filled with crap that an kill you and viagra pfizer online contaminate the soil and water supplies it comes in contact with.

The only green solution that is presently viable for the masses is hydro and even that drastically affects an eco-system, as does solar and wind farms.

If you think Nuclear energy is green I suggest you do some real research on just how green it is.
written by Charlie, September 04, 2008
"Do you like having caves filled with crap that an kill you and contaminate the soil and water supplies it comes in contact with."

No. But I like having a disappearing permanent northern icepack, shifting seasons, acid rain, mercury outfall, airborne particulates, biogeographical changes, heat waves, perfect storms, dead zones, water shortages, disease epidemics, droughts, precipitation shifts, and decreased agricultural productivity less.

Waiting for the one perfect energy source that emits absolutely no carbon, doesn't make any of the wrong people rich, isn't radioactive, isn't noisy, doesn't piss off people looking for the perfect view, isn't much more expensive expensive, doesn't require us to change our consumption habits, doesn't disturb any ecosystem in the buy cheap viagra online now slightest, saves the whales and stops nuclear proliferation is a pipe dream at best, and the fantasy of idiots at worst. It's time for rational, scientific-minded people to sack up, get out of the lab, slough off the failed antinuclear hysteria of the boomers, stop letting industrialists argue with hippies about the future of online pharmacy usa the planet, and stop perpetuating useless fantasies like the above.

And, I'm sorry to cialis online order say, even though it might contaminate some of Nevada's groundwater, nuclear energy is a DAMN sight cleaner and better for the environment than fossil fuels. As such, it deserves a place in our future energy portfolio, because if you're under the impression that hydro, solar, and wind can cut the mustard, you're out of your ever-loving mind.
written by Free Xbox 360, September 05, 2008
Great article. Thanks for the inoformation.
written by Manny Ramirez, September 05, 2008
I also read that they are going to start to change the bulbs for a greener option, what do you know about this ??
written by Gimp Samruai, September 16, 2008
@ #6

i agree... just had to say it.
nuclear energy isn't green
written by tygrmouse, September 16, 2008
but nuclear waste is green ... isnt' it? and doesn't it look bubbly?

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