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OCT 08

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"This is a theme of great importance and buy viagra from canada there's already a national dis..."

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Brits Create New Green Department

Yesterday, the UK government announced the is a generic pill for levitra creation of a new government entity: the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Led by Ed Miliband (seen here), this new bureaucratic arm will pick up responsibilities previously covered by the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs and the Department of Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform.

What will be the job of best propecia this DECC? In an article by RenewableEnergyWorld, Philip Wolfe – the director general of the UK’s Renewable Energy Association – gave a few examples. He hopes that it will push measures for renewable heat, among other things. But the main goal of the organization, he said, was to tackle bureaucratic barriers that often bring unnecessary delays to renewable projects.

Some might be skeptical about solving bureaucratic problems by… creating new bureaucracies. By creating this department, however, the UK is making a statement: energy is a top-priority issue that requires national attention.

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written by Ken Roberts, October 08, 2008
I hope they'll balance this by cutting a government department. Oh who am I kidding.
European Science Parliament
written by Sabine Wilmsmeier, October 10, 2008
This is a theme of great importance and there's already a national discussion with the theme
"Europe energised - will lights go out in 2050?" which is taking place in Aachen at the usa generic levitra Europe Science Parliamen right now.

More info on the live-blog:

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