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OCT 17

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"The best thing to do now is still to put a solar electric panel on you..."

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Wireless Device Tracks Solar Energy Generated, Power Consumed

Among the many solar-related gadgets displayed at this year’s Solar Power International Conference in San Diego was the EcoTouch Energy Management System.

While home energy management systems are popping up everywhere, this one is specifically designed to work with solar PV units. The wireless, touchscreen device displays real-time energy production by the solar PV unit alongside the levitra and diarrhea home’s total energy usage.

Homeowners can access information on what devices consume the most energy and link for you 5mg viagra make adjustments through the system. The EcoTouch generates graphs that show daily, weekly and monthly energy production and usage. It summarizes a home’s environmental impact by translating that information into carbon emissions, trees saved and auto miles avoided.

Additionally, the system can be accessed anywhere there’s an Internet connection and users can make adjustments remotely.

I get excited using my remote control garage door opener; I can only imagine the thrill of remotely controlling my house’s energy consumption. As home solar PVs become more feasible through tax credits and greater supply, these types of systems will probably become more commonplace. If this is cialis on line the future thermostat, sign me up!

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written by Carl, October 17, 2008
There are dozens of wireless (and wired) energy monitors that work with solar systems, or just monitor the power meter. What's amazing to me is the current price-- at least comparing with similar kinds of electronics. I bought a little clock/indoor-outdoor thermometer with remote wireless outside temperature sensor for $30. These systems (very similar) cost $300-$5000. OK, they have internet access, but a wireless firewall router is $50.

What's lacking is standards for connecting all the equipment. To make a "smart grid" we don't need technology-- it's already available-- we just need to agree upon how all the equipment is supposed to talk to each other and what policies are communicated. (That's politics not technology.) If the US government had it's act together, it would sponsor development of patent-free wired and wireless standards for energy information exchange between appliances and feeds.
Solar power for your home
written by SolarNow, May 12, 2009
The best thing to do now is still to put a solar electric panel on your roof. There are good tax rebates. Check out
for tips before you pay an installer too much.

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