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"Dell is making strides in the eco technology area, but let's face it, ..."

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Dell's Focus on Efficiency


Well, Dell has put together a fancy little page focusing on all of its efforts to cialis wholesale online increase efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  There's a cute little video of Kevin Rollins (president and CEO) included in the page outlining Dell's strategy (seamless low-power modes, low standby use, high performance per watt, etc) and then challenging other members of the PC industry to follow suit. 

"Energy costs will continue to rise, and we need to focus on creating technology and services that do more with less, are optimized for performance and are energy efficient, we challenge others in our industry to join us in this effort."

The site outlines a few of their products and product strategies and also provides "energy calculators," which tell you how much money you'd save by altering hardware or power-save functions. It's really awesome to be able to see how much money you might save by buying a more expensive processor or monitor. 
Dell is leading the way in environmental electronics and I'm happy to see them capitalizing on it. 
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Dell - pseudo green grey
written by Queen Maedbh, September 15, 2006
Dell is making strides in the eco technology area, but let's face it, it is a PR stunt as much as it is a marketable direction to viagra super active move in. I have been in their manufacturing facilities, and to be perfectly honest, their workers don't have the first CLUE about the environment. I have personally spoken with many of them. Dell is doing things where other computer companies are also doing things - Dell is not the market leader by a LONG SHOT. They just have hired good marketing people to paint them a green veneer.

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