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DEC 02

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"Really General Electric says it all themselves here http://ge.zodianet..."

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GE Ceases Investing in Incandescent Technology

It was the idea of ideas. The spark that created one of the online prescription cialis world's largest companies. Now, General Electric is leaving behind the idea that created them. And maybe they should've done it a little sooner. The incandescent light bulb has been knocked down, dragged out and kicked to the curb. Most industrialized countries are looking to ban them completely in the next few years.

GE was actually working on a program to make incandescents more efficient. But now they have completely ceased all research and development into the bulb.

Instead, GE will redouble its efforts on LED and OLED technology (pictured.) Along with the announcement that they are ceasing incandescent development, they announced that they hoped to have their white OLEDs for sale by 2010. OLEDs have the ability not just to i use it rx generic levitra kill the buy pfizer viagra bulb, but to kill the entire idea of a lamp, as they can be flat, bendable and even transparent.

Oh and, of course, they can be even more efficient than CFLs.

Via OLED Info

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GE pirated Edison's patent
written by filo, December 02, 2008
GE's electric light business was based on dodgy patent piracy, Edison's electric light patent to be exact.
written by EV, December 02, 2008
Actually, that was Westinghouse's original light business. Edison held a patent on high resistance lighting. Westinghouse did manage to invent a bulb that did not infringe on the patent. Mind you, this was after several years of viagra in china infringing on Edison's patent.

Oh, by the way General Electric was FOUNDED by Thomas Edison. It's kind of hard to infringe on your own patent.
LED's rock
written by Clarke, December 03, 2008
I am excited that LED's are becoming even more mainstream. OLED's seem to have a lot of potential as well smilies/smiley.gif
written by p horskop, June 21, 2009
Really General Electric says it all themselves here , I am not sure you can trust what they write... themselves :-)

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