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DEC 02

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"The White house is mail order viagra in uk probably already green right now...."

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Obama Vows to Green the White House

In his interview with Barbara Walters, Barack Obama said one of his first tasks when he moves into the cialis ed levitra 20 mg White House is to make it green.

Obama said he plans to cialis on women sit down with the chief usher and evaluate the mansion's energy efficiency. He hopes to show the American people that gaining greater energy efficiency in your home is "not that hard."

A lot of soft tab viagra people have proposed ideas on how Obama could make the White House eco-friendly, like turning the lawn into an organic garden, but this step that he is taking is most important. If he's going to ask the American people to conserve and make changes in their homes, he also has to do it.

I'd personally like to see him install energy and lighting management systems, which have been proven to go a long way in cutting energy use and costs. Also, installing some renewable energy sources like solar PVs or rooftop wind turbines would be a great example.

We'll be watching closely to cheapest tramadol available online see what changes he ultimately makes.

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Presidential night soil
written by NightSoil, December 02, 2008
The Obamas should eschew the generic cialis sale WC and instead collect night soil. Each morning the presidential night soil could be ceremonially placed in the presidential vegetable patch.

This would do viagra sales uk more than fertilize the presidential vegetable patch, as it would engender solidarity with the millions of Africans and Chinese for whom this practice is a standard way of life.
written by gmoke, December 02, 2008
I'd like to see a blower door and infrared camera test on the White House with a weatherization barnraising broadcast teaching people how to caulk and weatherseal windows and the best site buy cialis online from canadacheap cialis tablets doors. Then maybe blowing insulation into wall cavities if and where it is needed.

Do all that before putting up the solar panels and windmills. Seal all the leaks before going renewable. That's the way you do it.

PS: We are doing a weatherization barnraising with blower door and infrared camera in Cambridge, MA on December 6.
Previous Equipment
written by Steve A., December 02, 2008
Whatever happened to the solar hotwater panels that Jimmy Carter installed on the roof of the White House? I know Reagan tore them down, but it'd be interesting if they're just sitting in the basement, or a warehouse somewhere.
written by Mr. Lee, December 02, 2008
Why would Reagan tear them down?

What If?
written by Yoshi, December 03, 2008
What if everyone took what he said out of context, and his intention was simply to paint the whole thing green? :D
written by moorcito, December 03, 2008
I hope he's going to do more than just change the f---ing light bulbs.
for real??
written by eidylon, December 03, 2008
Wouldn't it be nice to see one of these liberals be a REAL environmentalist, actually putting his money where his mouth is, as opposed to that pompous gasbag Al Gore!
Don't people go telling us to cheap viagra canada or india cut back our living and be "greener", while they live in HUGE houses, fly around in private jets, drive huge cars, ... whatever you're going to demand people do, you do first!
Wanna see a REAL environmentalist, who's SERIOUS about going green, look at Ed Begsley Jr. 8)
Probably already green
written by Nate, December 07, 2008
The White house is probably already green right now.

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