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JAN 07

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Cree to Light Up Pentagon, Save 22% of Power

Cree, one of the world's largest LED makers has just ended a test-period of viagra for women uk lighting some Pentagon offices with a deal for outfitting the pharmacy quality tramadol one-fifth of the building.

The contract is for 4,200 recessed lighting units, which sell retail for $380 a piece. So this is definitely a seven-figure deal for Cree. The lighting units showed a 22% efficiency increase over the Pentagon's old fluorescent lighting fixtures.

The project was funded by a Department of Defense program called Title III which was created to where to purchase cialis is singapore “promote creation and strengthening of domestic industrial capabilities to support national security needs.” Sounds logical to me, now if they could just take care of the other 45,020,192 light fixtures the U.S. government owns and operates.

Via Earth2Tech

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$380 apiece?
written by hyperspaced, January 08, 2009
For only 22% improvement? Is article accurate?

So if the old tech lights consumed e.g. 100W each, with the new tech lamps you gain ~25W, that is in 40 hours you save 1KWh ~ 8 cents.
So, your return of capital will be in (380/0.08)*(40/24) ~= 8,000 days ~= 21 YEARS ???? (actually less if you take into account that LED lifespan is bigger). These people know how to plan ahead!!?!

written by EV, January 08, 2009
Don't forget, the Pentagon also keeps backup generators to run the lights, among other things, if the power goes out. The cost of maintaining sufficient generators and keeping the fuel on hand will factor into the generic cialis next day deliver cost. Also, the air conditioning requirements will be reduced. Don't forget that you need to factor that into your costs.
written by Jeremy, January 08, 2009
EV is right. When you factor in marginal A/C costs, you're probably down to a 10-11 year payback, and that doesn't include A/C maintence and capital costs saving by having a smaller load. remember that 90% of incandescent energy goes to heat, which then has to be handled by the A/C.

The longer LED life means fewer labor costs for replacement, and labor costs are only going up.

I would say the payback is probably
written by EV, January 08, 2009
The Pentagon is wow look it how to buy viagra not currently using incandescents, they are using Flourescents. However, the replacement costs are going to drop with the longer life of LEDs over Flourescents as you mention.
written by Phil, January 09, 2009
Don't forget about the direct cost of bulb replacement (cost of the bulb) and the the labor to install the new bulb.
written by Phil, January 09, 2009
Don't forget about the direct cost of bulb replacement (cost of the bulb) and the the labor to install the new bulb. --sorry I can type today!!
Not to mention...
written by Dave, January 21, 2009
The new lights use less energy and provide better lighting. Seems like a win-win! Hopefully more big purchases like this help drive the price of these light fixtures down so more businesses can afford them.
Project Manager for an Indiana Lighting
written by Tammi Myers, May 01, 2009
All points everyone makes about maintenance cost and HVAC loads and better lighting are all great. Another point to mention (and I see I'm about 4 months late in adding my 2 cents), is the canadian cialis ability to digitally control the lights. We represent Cree and wow)) canada levitra generic they have great quality fixtures, but one of the selling points of LED lighting is that it's dimmable, out of the box, no special ballast, nothing to change out. This means, the Pentagon could put in a digitally controlled system, using these fixtures, that gives them the ability to take advantage of daylight harvesting (sensing when daylight is present and having fixtures automatically dim to maintain a preset light level), adding occupancy sensors that would drop light levels, say to 50%, when nobody is there (or 0%) and have them instantly come to full when space becomes occupied. And that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to lighting controls. If anyone out there is interested in LED lighting and is looking, Cree LLS is a great company, has great products and they look more impressive in person than you could imagine. Their 6" dowlight is the best, affordable, an all-around industry leading, fantastic fixture.

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