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JAN 23

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"Why not use prisoners to power the boat. It would the ultimate in gree..."

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Alcatraz Ferry to Use Solar and where to buy viagra uk Wind Power

It's rare when an old prison and a LEED-certified hybrid boat share a headline, but this is one of those occasions. 1.4 million people make the voyage across the bay to Alcatraz every year and the discount generic viagra company that gets them there wants to decrease the fuel it uses.

To accomplish that, Alcatraz Cruises has added the Hornblower Hybrid to their ferry fleet. The new boat is get viagra fast outfitted with two wind turbines and a solar array that power its navigation tools, lighting and part of its propulsion system.

The renewable energy generated is stored in batteries that provide the power when the boat is idling or in low propulsion. Otherwise, the boat runs on Tier 2 marine diesel engines. Beyond it's fuel efficiency, the boat meets LEED requirements for recycled content. Even the carpet and countertops are made from recycled vodka bottles.

The hybrid can carry 160 passengers to the popular tourist destination and the company plans to buy 20mg levitra online add another to their fleet to take on more of that 1.4 million.

via Inhabitat

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1.4 million pointless journeys
written by Chitin, January 24, 2009
Think of the saturday tramadol delivery energy that would be saved by closing the old prison down completely.
License to use the internet
written by RecycledBottle, January 24, 2009
lol - just think of the energy we could save if we could ban haters form the internet!

I want to know how much this boat cost. Probably a 100 million.
written by Julian, January 24, 2009
That is a heck of buy generic levitra from india a GREEN boat! I doubt if the previous commenter was wrong about the price range.

-Julian, ItTakesII
written by w00t, January 24, 2009
Think of the energy that would be saved by closing the old prison down completely.

The first reply to any post on this blog is like, 90% likely to cialis 100 mg be a hater.

Get a haircut, hippie.
written by dave, January 25, 2009
I saw Boenher call it the new Gitmo?
Or even better...
written by thekanester, January 26, 2009
Why not use prisoners to power the boat. It would the ultimate in green energy, serve society well and buy levitra online provide tourists with a more authentic experience!

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