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Never Ever Buy a TV

An EcoGeek should always be entirely without TV.  Not only are they power sucking beasts full of heavy metals, they display completely obsolete media.  A good EcoGeek has one, maybe two displays in his house, and they are both LCD monitors.  But, just in case there weren't already enough reasons to avoid televisions, I'm bringing you two new ones. 

tvtunerThe first is the Hauppauge Win TV-HVR-950 hybrid ATSC / NTSC TV tuner.  Now, for $100, your computer can plug into your cable and non prescription cialis your monitor can double as your television.  That is, if you still have any interest at all the cable television (I will remind you that The Daily Show encourages distribution on viagra price YouTube, so I'm not sure why you'd want cable.)  Just pop this TV tuner into a USB port, install the viagra 100mg pills software and plug in the cable and you've got absolutely no reason for a separate display.

diggnation But for those of you who have complete discarded the idea of television as media, you'll be even more interested in Revision3, a new project of Kevin Rose (creator of Digg.)  "Revision3 aims to buy viagra on line in uk prove that on-demand, distributed online content is better, faster, more effective, and better targeted to what YOU want to watch."  So, basically, cooler than TV, but more high quality and consistent than YouTube.  Right now, on Rev3, you can watch Diggnation (pretty hilarious show about things floating around the tubes), ctrl-alt-chicken, a cooking program, and several other tech-themed shows that have been taking off recently. 

Maybe I could sit on my couch, drink beer, and talk about innovations for the environment. If only I had a camera...

Kill your TV!
TV Tuner Via Engadget 
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The Democracy Player
written by Matt, September 27, 2006
Also pretty cool is the Democracy Player, a free and open source Internet TV platform. (I don't work for them.)

written by mbnv, September 25, 2007
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