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FEB 17

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"Like all new technologies many give it a hard time until they finally ..."

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Clinton Foundation Organizing LED Project in Los Angeles

The Clinton Foundation has announced a partnership with the city of Los Angeles to retrofit buildings with LED lighting over the next five years. In all, 140,000 LEDs will be installed throughout the city.

The foundation says that the project will reduce CO2 emissions by 40,500 tons a year and will save $48 million over seven years. After seven years, the loan for the installation of the lights will have to be repaid, but the city will continue to save $10 million a year in energy costs. No word yet on which lucky vendor was chosen to provide the LED lights.

The city will still have to secure financing for this large project, which may be tricky right now, but the savings in energy costs will easily make up for the money invested in the installation. It's great to see the i use it levitra online india Clinton Foundation back making positive headlines now that Bill and Hillary are done being politically vetted. This project has the potential to show other cities the benefits of buying viagra in canada investing in retrofitting and with an organization like the Clinton Foundation involved, it's bound to be successful.

via Earth2Tech

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What LEDs?
written by Luke, February 17, 2009
This question may be premature, but I'd like to know which LED lights they're using!

I've purchased a few LED bulbs recently. Some of them suck. I found one that was a great fit for outdoor lighting, but that's mostly because it isn't temperature-sensitive and I live in a climate that provides a wide variety of temperatures -- but I wouldn't be enthusiastic about using the light indoors.
written by Kevin, February 17, 2009
It may be Lemnis Lighting.
VP Sales
written by David Howell, February 20, 2009
LEDs aren't heat sensitive? LED's are the most heat sensitive light source known to man. If they get much hotter than 104F, they will fade to the best site cheepest levitra nothing in weeks, not years......
LEDs aren't as efficient as fluorescent or metal halide, and they really don't even last THAT much longer (30,000 hours versus 50,000 hours).
They are 5x the cost right now in streetlighting applications......they make no sense except for techy news headlines......
LED Lighting
written by Tom Burnet, February 20, 2009
The loud anti-LED voices are consistantly from sources inexperienced and without product. Weeks of life at 104F is utterance without foundation.
written by John Watkins, February 20, 2009
There's a freight train coming folks.... Get out of the way or get under it!
written by Michael Marcus, February 25, 2009
At present LED's are not proven in the field for long periods as street lighting. Would anyone want to see schools install plasma tv's when they first came out at $9000 a pop!

Wait, the technology is getting there but it's still a year or two out with lower costs and better performance. Install now and replace in a few years.
written by Who's Yerdaddy, March 02, 2009
It sure would be nice if any of you had a clue as to what you were talking about.
Independent Lighting Consultant
written by Jeffrey Augustine, March 02, 2009
I sold commercial high rise lighting retrofits in Downtown L.A. for Sylvania Lighting Service. I have also sold LED's at the OEM level for Osram. Thus, I can conceptually understand and embrace this large scale LED retrofit here in my hometown. There are certainly project and technology concerns, but these can be handled. LED's are the future of mass-scale lighting for cities and Los Angeles has always been on the buy tramadol cheap online cutting edge of click now viagra in canada lighting technology.

written by Poida, August 14, 2009
Like all new technologies many give it a hard time until they finally see the light (no pun intended).

When the car came out people complained that humans couldn't survive going faster than a horse.
When planes came - if man was meant to fly we would be born with wings.
When TV was invented - what could it be used for?
Now LED is coming of age - we have more of the same.

True, the current technologies don't allow us to make the ultimate LED bulb. But we are on the way to making great progress. How can any good change come through if it is not supported by those without blinkers.

Some time ago Philips brought up all of the best LED technologies in the world. They saw what could happen with it & spent well over a billion investing in LED.

I love it & have 18 LED lights in the house already.
They are 3watts & have replaced 25-40 watt (GU10) downlights. Rooms are just as bright.

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