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APR 07

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"need to make all buildings more efficient not just the empire state bu..."

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Clinton Climate Initiative Retrofitting Empire State Building

The Clinton Climate Initiative and best site to buy ultram Mayor Michael Bloomberg are joining forces to make the viagra canada prescription Empire State Building more efficient. The initiative is funding a $20 million reftrofit project for the building that should be completed by the end of 2010.

The project will reportedly produce energy savings of $4.4 million per year and cut energy demand by 38 percent and should enable the building to viagra in india be LEED Gold certified. Johnson Controls, the company in charge of upgrading the efficiency of canadian rx cialis the skyscraper, chose eight projects out of 60 possibilities based on which would save both energy and money. Here's the list of changes that will be made from the company's website:

  • Window Light Retrofit: Refurbishment of approximately 6,500 thermopane glass windows, using existing glass and sashes to create triple-glazed insulated panels with new components that dramatically reduce both summer heat load and winter heat loss.
  • Radiator Insulation Retrofit: Added insulation behind radiators to reduce heat loss and more efficiently heat the fast cialis online building perimeter.
  • Tenant Lighting, Daylighting and tramadol overnight Plug Upgrades: Introduction of improved lighting designs, daylighting controls, and plug load occupancy sensors in common areas and tenant spaces to reduce electricity costs and cooling loads.
  • Air Handler Replacements: Replacement of air handling units with variable frequency drive fans to allow increased energy efficiency in operation while improving comfort for individual tenants.
  • Chiller Plant Retrofit: Reuse of existing chiller shells while removing and replacing “guts” to improve chiller efficiency and controllability, including the introduction of cialis on-line variable frequency drives.
  • Whole-Building Control System Upgrade: Upgrade of existing building control system to optimize HVAC operation as well as provide more detailed sub-metering information.
  • Ventilation Control Upgrade: Introduction of demand control ventilation in occupied spaces to improve air quality and reduce energy required to condition outside air.
  • Tenant Energy Management Systems: Introduction of individualized, web-based power usage systems for each tenant to indian cialis generic allow more efficient management of power usage.

When the project is completed, the Empire State Building will serve as the model for other building upgrades throughout the city under PlaNYC 2007 and for retrofit projects in other major cities.

via Earth2Tech


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CleanTuesday on energy efficiency in the
written by cleantuesday, April 12, 2009
The up-coming CleanTuesday on energy efficiency in the building and industrial sector will be held on Tuesday April 14th.

More information on the programme:

- Olivier Legrand CEO of Cotralim will present the click now levitra canada prescription Ecopolis project

-Jean Claude Barre CEO of TCC SA start up--first distributor and good choice viagra online canada inventor of "aerial thermography";

- World leading construction industry: Saint-Gobain: Frédéric Utzmann Manager of Nova External Venturing

- Environmental Specialist consulting firm: Ecofys/Econcer: Cristophe Neves

As usual the meeting place will be la Cantine (151 rue Montmartre 75002 Paris), presentations and discussions will be held from 7pm to 8pm, followed by a networking event, with food and drinks until 10pm. Hope to see you there and don't forget to register on
written by Fred, June 30, 2009
need to make all buildings more efficient not just the empire state building

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