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OCT 10

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"well, the led bulbs have started to come on their own, and they are be..."

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Big LED Lights

Big LEDAnother bunch of buy viagra online canadian phamacy LED light bulbs have arrived on does generic cialis work the scene.  LEDtronics  G30 series LED bulb is described by the manufacturer as a 3-D fixture.  Inside the protective globe is an array of LEDs allowing the bulb to shine in multiple directions.

These big bulbs (they are almost 4" in diameter) are intended for use in signalling and in decorative lighting; they aren't meant for basic illumination.  The manufacturer is marketing them for toll booths (signal lights) and loading docks and the like.  And they're pretty pricey, at $150-200 apiece.  But, as with other LED lights, they are very energy efficient (only drawing 13 watts) and long-lived (100,000+ hours operating life).
The same manufacturer also has a standard size bulb in several colors, including a cool white bulb that draws a mere 3.6 watts but has better light output than a 25 watt incandescent bulb.  These are still too pricey ($160) and the output is too low for ordinary household use.

Once the price comes down a bit more, it will start to make sense to consider using these for things like residential porch lights (where you aren't necessarily looking for a huge amount of light anyhow).

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written by Ben, October 11, 2006
A few years ago, I found out about MoonCell, a company that manufacturers large LED fixtures for use as street and tunnel illumination.
written by bob childs, October 11, 2006
I'd love to get some for the home if the cost comes down, i use leds in my truck and havent had to change a bulb for a few years now...
Low cost LED light bulbs
written by Eric, December 16, 2006
If you want some that cost between $8 and $15 you can find them at . These are run of the mill average LED bulbs, but at least you can get a taste of what they are about. And things will get better as newer and better stuff is developed.
led bulbs are here
written by g led, October 10, 2008
well, the led bulbs have started to come on their own, and they are becomming more and more important. soon the LEd bulbs will remove the incadesent and floroscent lamps in the market. This will happen soon.

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