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DEC 03

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"Any breakthrough in datacenter efficiency will have a huge effect as t..."

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IBM and Syracuse Complete Green Data Center

IBM and Syracuse have completed construction of cialis canada price the Green Data Center on the university's campus.  The data center will demonstrate new technologies and viagra cheap online ways of gaining efficiency for other companies and nations looking to cialis online cheap build better data centers.

The project, first announced back in May, will start operations in January.  The center is cheap cialis without prescription expected to use half the energy of a traditional data center.  It will achieve this through incorporating on-site power generation, a unique liquid-cooling system that converts the exhaust heat from the power generator into chilled water that's distributed throughout the racks, the use of DC power, energy-efficient servers and energy management software.

An analysis and design center working in conjunction with the levitra holland project to research new technology and interpret performance results of the data center will also open in 2010.

The project has acquired an additional $500,000 in funding from the New York State Senate to help with its research.

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written by Richard, December 03, 2009
It's great that the state is funding for such research. I hope this goes well with this project.
Smart Move in the Data Center
written by Global Patriot, December 03, 2009
Green data centers are so logical, as it will take massive amounts of computing power to solve the issues related to climate change - hats off to it's cool canada viagra online those who supported this project!
written by VeruTEK Green Technologies, December 04, 2009
I am pretty sure in time Green Data Centers will simply be industry standard. The amount of energy that goes through these buildings is immense. It is just common sense to try and go green using these.
written by GGTD, December 04, 2009
Any breakthrough in datacenter efficiency will have a huge effect as the need for them is only going to continue to grow.

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