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DEC 08

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Control the Climate at Your Desk, Save Energy

Ever wish you could micromanage the heating and generic viagra cheap cooling of your workplace down to the area around your desk?  Turns out, not only would it make you more comfortable, but it would also save energy.

If you've ever worked in a large office building, you know that the AC can pump so much that you're freezing in the middle of summer.  In my last workplace, many people used individual space heaters to cancel out the arctic blast of the AC vents - not exactly energy efficient!  Well, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have discovered that allowing people to control their own AC vents at their desk can cut a building's energy use by as much as 50 percent.

The personalized ventilation cuts electricity use because the air only needs to be cooled around an employee's desk instead of only best offers generic cialis from india cooling entire rooms or hallways.  Vents could also be set to shut off when someone leaves their desk.  It's easy to imagine how this would work in closed offices, but I wonder just how personal the ventilation would have to be to work in cubicles?

The greatest savings would be seen by companies based in places that require year-round cooling, like Singapore, and places where employees stay put and don't move around much.  Even for other climates, there would still be savings, and the bonus of limiting the cialis 30 mg spreading of airborne diseases and happier, more comfortable employees.

via New Scientist

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written by Richard, December 08, 2009
Nice post. I wish I had that chair. LOL.
Couldn't agree more
written by Doc Rings, December 08, 2009
Two examples:

My hospital where I work (Okinawa, Japan) has our wing so cold, that most of the docs run a space heater in our offices. We have to constantly apologize to good choice generic viagra pill patients for our cold hands. Recently, though, we all mounted a complaint to the facilities manager, and the temp has been raised to 72F from 69F. It's quite an improvement.
The hospital saves on online pharmacy no prescription A/C costs, and the staff and patients are more comfortable (with decreased grumbling and complaining!)

Case two:
My wife worked as a manager at Lowe's. This multi-acre voluminous warehouse store kept the Summer interior temps at a ridiculously cold temperature, where the employees had to wear sweaters even in the middle of Summer, and some customers would leave early due to being too cold (not good!)
Worst of all, the temperature of this Florida store was controlled from headquarters in North Carolina! Talk about inefficiency, waste and lost revenue and profits.

The number one complaint at large conferences isn't the quality of the speakers, it's usually the temperature of the room in which it is held.

There is a LOT of energy savings to be had by making commercial environments "right temp", where humidity and viagria comfort are controlled by science, not some facilities bloke who is viagra for women mistaken in thinking "Hey, it's Summer, why don't we crank the A/C to MAX" which makes everyone uncomfortable and costs corporations hundreds of millions of dollars in energy waste (passed along to consumers, of course), and increased greenhouse gases.

Plus higher productivity
written by Matt, December 09, 2009
There have also be multiple studies that show higher productivity when office works can control their local enviroment.
written by Alex, December 09, 2009
I know they have something like this in the EPA building in Denver. There is a large plenum below the floor and each cubical has an adjustable floor vent. The people that I talked to said it worked very well.
written by Richard, December 09, 2009
Also, cold working conditions adversely affect the way people work. SO it's a good thing they made adjustments to that hospital's A/C system.
Thermally managed office furniture
written by Annette, December 10, 2009
Office chairs can be designed to carry heat away from the cheapest brand levitra sitter's body using coolant pipes. Similarly, desktop surfaces can be cooled by small pipes embedded in the surface which carry away excess heat.

The extracted heat can be converted into electricity and distributed into the electricity grid (for profit).

In winter, warmed coolant can be used to heat the desks and chairs without wasting heat warming the surrounding air.

This is a win win situation for offices and workers.

written by Tyler Tervooren, December 11, 2009
Individual user controlled HVAC systems are certainly the way of the future and it's nice to know that many new offices are taking the initiative to use them.

People are finally starting to see the long term business benefits of keeping their employees comfortable.

However, this kind of heating and cooling technology is extremely expensive as a retrofit to wow look it best prices on viagra existing buildings if the entire space is not being gutted and remodeled.
written by Tom, December 12, 2009
We could start building in a way that saves cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. I know, that does not solve the problem of the millions of building around the globe, built in totally idiotic ways because "it looks great", but we could put pressure on politicians demanding better laws regarding insulation and design of buildings in the future, after all we have the technology, why not use it?
But hey, this is a small beginning, but still only solves a problem that shouldn't have been there to begin with.
Automating A/C response to energy price
written by Saverio, December 16, 2009
I'm really convinced that A/C and in general temperature and humidity control in large buildings should get much more attention. For example it is well known that the demand for electrical energy peaks on hot summer afternoons. Right now, this means that energy costs more, because expensive and polluting power plants are turned on. However, if we want to use energy from renewables, we must smooth out the peaks in energy demand!
One clever way to do that, is to automate the response of best levitra A/C systems to energy price. See http://www.smartgridelectronic...grams.html.

This just means that sometimes the A/C will work at half speed to 100 mg cialis save money and to avoid peaks in energy demand. It is not true that this will result in a warmer work place. Sometimes it's just a matter of cycling the different A/C units of a building, they can run according to some schedule and therefore avoid a huge peak in energy demand.
written by Business Energy, April 21, 2010
Everyone should try to locate the recommended site levitra tadalafil thermostat away form drafts, direct sunlight & mechanical equipment. I follow this so suggest you.
Question on E-Faxing
written by Brittany Goyette, December 13, 2010
I’m trying to get the people at the school where I work to switch over to more environmentally friendly things. Does anyone know if something like this internet fax would actually help anything at all? I know we’d save on paper, but would it help with energy too? Any info is much appreciated.

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