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OCT 23

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Consumer LED Lights

consumer_ledsThinkGeek has some LEDlights for ordinary residential use on clearance.  If you've wanted to try outan LED light and canadian pharmacy see how well it works, these are inexpensive enough to experiment with.  The cheapest one is only $22.  They note, however, "These bulbs are generally not intended as a complete replacement for incandescents -these bulbs are lower output but more focused."
This 18 LED light bulb makes an excellent highdefinition reading light. Perfect to help you not feel guilty about leaving an accent light on all night. Run it for twelve hours a day for a whole year at a cost of viagra superstore about 80 cents. Makes a great reading light.
The complaint from BoingBoing is that, while green products are manufactured for long-life in order to cialis cheap no prescription minimize resource use, the technology is improving so rapidly that these become obsolete before their useful life is ended.  We don't think that's a credible excuse.  When, in a few years, you upgrade your LED lights with newer and better ones, these can become closet lights or porch lights or find use inother places.  Anticipation of forthcoming technology is no reason not to do something now.
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I got 'em.
written by lasermike026, October 25, 2006
I've purchase all three and I'm trying them now. They do through less light so you have to use them selectively. I have to replace flood lights often and using led spotlights with incandescents is working for me. I've reduced the amount of power I use and I have to change spotlights less often. The Vivid plus works well in a small lamp with a lamp shade. The Vivid is adequate from reading but you have to point the light directly at what you're reading. I'm happy with them and they are good to use along side compact florescent lights.
Bargin priced LED light bulbs
written by Eric, December 16, 2006
If you are looking for a good price on LED light bulbs so that it won't hurt so much in the wallet to give them a try. Then here is a site with comprable bulbs at about half the price.
written by sam, September 13, 2007
I'm researching LED's for a warehouse to use with daylight harvesting. Is there a full spectrum LED out there?
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