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OCT 24

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"I was so excited to find this website to help me preserve my MAC Power..."

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Reduce E-waste: Extend Your Mac's Life Span

Hey Mac owning EcoGeeks! Extend the life of your Mac and help reduce amount of electronic waste, by giving your old model a significant boost in power. 

Daystar Technologies, Inc. partnered with XLR8, Inc offers CPU upgrades for the following Mac models:  PowerBook G4 series, PowerBook G3 series, iMac G4, iMac G3 series, PowerMac G4 series, PowerMac G3 series, pre-G3 PowerMacs, and Mac clones. 

Daystar and XLR8 should give your old Mac a significant speed boost that is a considerable alternative to buying a new computer.  The companies also provide various upgrade options for optical and hard drives along with their CPU upgrades.  They also provide tools for you to be able to install Mac OS X on pre-G3 systems.  I think it is time to take out old Betsey and give her an upgrade. 

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To truly reduce e-waste...
written by GTW, October 25, 2006
Start writing your own/use open-source programs and stick to cheapest generic cialis uk open standards rather than proprietary ones. It's because people depend on proprietary standards we see really good computers being made obsolete by hardware/software vendors who keep creating needs for things people don't really need if they learn a bit more.

Modern day PCs are nothing but gaming machines and fashion items along with all the made-fashion products/services we use like iTunes, PMPs, HDTVs, and sometimes even home broadband.

I'm in no way an anti-Microsoft pro-linux animal. But there was enough desktop computing power 10 years ago to do almost all vital desktop computions we do cheap cialis today. So when we're talking about e-waste we should also give co-producer credit to everyone who's not using their computers to full potential.

If you're truly green and while we're on the topic of using older hardware why not install linux on a used PS2 ( for your next upgrade?
Great idea, website no longer offering service
written by GreenVegan, August 29, 2009
I was so excited to find this website to help me preserve my MAC Powerbook G4 laptop that I've had without any major issues for 5 years and 40mg cialis counting. I'd like to use it for another 5 years or more if possible, but the link to the order tramadol without perscrition MACH service at daystar tech doesn't provide any info anymore. Does anyone know of another way that I can extend the life of my MAC? Thanks in advance.

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