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MAR 16

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LED Lighting Would Save America $120 Billion

A Department of Energy report on light emitting diode (LED) technology has some pretty startling numbers to digest. First, 7% of America's electricity is used to light our homes and cheap cialis from india businesses. That number is down significantly in the last few years because of the adoption of efficient lighting. But there is cialis best price still a great deal of buy viagra on the internet ground to be gained. Indeed, as bright white LEDs begin to make their way to the market, the DOE expects their adoption to result in huge decreases in energy use.

The cumulative savings of widespread adoption of this technology over the next 20 years would be about 1.500 terawatt-hours the price of which, at today's energy prices, is around $120 billion. The savings would eliminate the need for 24 new large power plants, to say nothing of the decrease in carbon emissions.

The DOE has a host of programs to spur growth in the LED market, including a X-Prize style contest, R&D projects and market-baed projects. Of course, we have to do our part too. New technology relies on EcoGeeks to be the buy levitra soft tabs early adopters of LED technology. I've already got a few lighting up my house.

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written by Stephen, March 16, 2010
I have CFL all over my house and they are great but they are expensive. The LED lights I have seen make the CFL seem like a bargain. And they put off blue-white light that makes people look sickly. Has anyone found a type that is nice for residential lighting and affordable?
Good LEDs
written by Mark, March 16, 2010
I've found some nice 3 watt halogen replacement LED lights at my local supermarket (Woolworths in Australia), and they are very much not the blue-white light. They are a much more pinkish light than I'm used to seeing from an LED, a very warm white. I'm actually more fond of the blue-white light, but it depends on your paint colour etc.
Yes they are expensive, but they are likely to outlast my lifetime, and pay for the extra cost within a year. The fittings I've got them in went from 50 watts to 3 watts, and the price of power is going up.
I'm an early adopter because I think LED technology solves the issues of CFLs (start up/warm up times, not being dimmable) and are the way of buy levitra without prescription the future. We just need economies of scale to kick in.
written by Dan, March 16, 2010
Unfortunately, the right product just does not exist yet. I've been following the viagra india LED market for several years hoping to find the right product hopefully at the right price, but in the end finding a warm color (2700-2800K) 50W MR16 replacement with high color rendering index is impossible (let me know of exact brand if you know of one!) not even mentioning wide flood replacements.

I think DoE or some other government site has been testing the products regularly and there are some choices for up to we use it viagra online no prescription 30W replacements.
written by Elemental LED staff, March 17, 2010
Dan, based on the news last month that Cree successfully created a 1W bulb that puts out 200 lumens, it should soon be possible to find an MR-16 that is even brighter than a halogen, since most LED MR-16 replacement have 1-3 bulbs, and a 50W halogen MR-16 is just under 300 lumens. I wouldn't be surprised if it's out there already.

But it's clear that you can currently find whatever color temp. you like with a CRI in the 70s or 80s in an LED bulb.
written by Fred, March 17, 2010
Yeah, supposedly $120B over the next 20 years - which is not that big a number actually - and assuming their extrapolated curve assumptions are close to reality, which I doubt.

AND they are ignoring the $400B extra we'll be paying to buy all these fancy solid-state lights.
@ Fred
written by dialtone, March 17, 2010
BRM - or bitch, rag, moan - we just need more complainers like you before a technology even gets off the ground - remember when PC's cost $5,000.00 dollars?
written by serenity, March 17, 2010
here in canada it seems we can't get edison style LEDs yet. it's very disappointing as i hate the uk viagra without prescription light the cfls put off. it is good to hear that some of the LEDS have an ok warm not evil harsh rot your brain hue lol. i have LED christmas lights all over my apt and i love the multicolored pretty light they shed. happy for me and the environment!
written by Dan, March 17, 2010
@Elemental LED Staff

Well, I think CRI 70-80 is not good enough. CRI of 90+ is likely decent enough, and 95+ is desirable.

Checkout the color differences between CRI 70 and CRI 85: http://www.lightingdesignlab.c...cribig.htm
not hot
written by Robguy, March 17, 2010
I thought it was slightly funny that some places had installed LED traffic lights to save money only to find them covered up during the blizzards because they didn't give off enough heat to melt the snow.
@Fred Gov. Reports
written by Tim C., March 17, 2010
Fred, I dare you to read a complete government report from start to finish. Technical manuscripts run into the hundreds of pages and cover far more details than you are willing to understand. If you can sort through one and present it better than you can, well hats off to you. However, if you have ever embarked on best viagra and popular in uk learning from an actual government technical report you would not be so quick to dismiss their know-how and capability.
I use them & love them...
written by pbrow1, March 17, 2010
We have 20 GU10 LED downlights in our kitchen & lounge. I put them in 8 months ago - just after we brought the only best offers best price on viagra house because there were 46 * 25-40watt downlights. The old lights made the house hot even in cool weather.

There are 2 types, 10* specialist LED shop bulbs @ $30 each & 10* cheap chinese LED bulbs from eBay @ $10 each. After 8 months we still can't tell the difference other than slightly different colours. Both hurt the eyes to look at. They are all 2.8 watt with app 40 LEDs each.

There is no heat from them & the light in the rooms is buy generic cialis dimmer than the halogens, which we are happy with. The kitchen has 5 lights in it & that's fine for 95% of the time. 5% needs the stove lights on because they are directly over the hot plates.

I haven't had any problems yet & plan to canadian pharmacy discount code convert the last 26 GU10's across to 12v LED lights soon. 12v because all work is legally DIY so I don't have to pay for a sparky to visit...

All up = (smilies/grin.gif

big brother blog
written by elmock, March 17, 2010
So I guess the cost viagra cialis powers that be didn't like the fact that I showed how stupid this was compared to the monthly spending of the U.S. government.

Oh well I guess the hippies really are “the man” now
written by MD, March 17, 2010
Using LED lights is fine but have any of you read anything on the short supply of buy levitra australia LEDs ?

LED short supply and consequent price increase in 2010.

Even with uncle sugar poking its appendage into the fray...

(1) First-tier makers of LED chip do not have excess capacity for long term booking.
(2) The demand for LED chip is high due to the growth of LED backlight market and illumination.
(3) The key tool for manufacturing LED chips is MOCVD tool and there are only two major suppliers one small supplier of this tool in the world.
(4) It is surprising that no company is trying to seize this opportunity despite the assured growth of LED.

written by Elemental LED staff, March 17, 2010
I couldn't find the CRI ratings for Philips MR-16s, but their 12", 18", 24" tubes have CRI ratings of 53 and 62! As compared to 70/75/80 for the equivalent LED light bars.

Agreed that a higher CRI is desirable, though. Gotta say also that I (and hopefully others) am more concerned now with saving energy than with CRI.
written by Ben, March 18, 2010
If you have 6" recessed can lights, these LEDs are awesome! I have them in my house, and they're made by Cree. I got the warm white 2700k ones, but they have a 3500k as well.

To see pictures of their light output:
Cheap LEDs can be found online so stop your bit**en ;)
written by Mark, March 18, 2010
If you have a look online you can get cheap LEDs, I got some from a website in Germany called, i got 1.5w LEDs for about $2 each. They aren't suitable for everywhere but I use them in the bathroom and for low lighting (for example when I am watching TV at night).
To: not hot
written by Mark, March 18, 2010
About LED traffic lights, I think we are still much better replacing all/most traffic lights with roundabouts; they reduce pollution, and keep traffic moving much more quickly.
written by MD, March 18, 2010
you can also get cheap LED edison socket LED bulbs from

They are not the best but work alright in small torchier style lights, I built a lamp using recycled lamps that the local college kids throw out all the time, and put one of the cheapy LED bulbs in it.. works well for a background light, too bright for a night lite
We are going to save more than that
written by Ben, March 19, 2010
that 7% figure was at todays prices? The average escalation of generic versus genuine cialis tadalafil energy prices/kwh in america is around 10% a year. We are going to save more money than that using leds. That's good
I love what LEDs could do for us.
written by JasonA, March 21, 2010
There are some very poor LED light bulbs out there, and I worry what that might do order cialis online canada to buy cialis delived fed ex setback the industry in general.

However there are some excellent LED candidates both in terms of amount and cialis prices colour of light.

I actually use 5 of the Philips AmbientLED R20s (warm) in my house. The lighting looks very similar to a halogen style spot light. I have put them in the hall ways as they turn on WAY faster then CFLs.

I have a photo comparison of LED, incandescent, and CFL shown here:
Free Light
written by Dave Hagen, March 22, 2010
I would like to convert my lights to LED but cash is viagra sales online limited. I'm the guy working half the buying levitra without a prescription time I used to. Your video was informative and insightful. Have you given away the free light to some lucky Thank you, Hank...keep up the geek work.
LED Bulbs in Solar Lights
written by Jason, March 30, 2010
Another huge improvement in LED technology is in the solar industry. Residential solar lighting, the kind used for garden and landscaping accents, has implemented the latest LED technology to burn brighter and longer.

Additionally, some manufacturers use patented reflectors to make the lights brighter while still using the same amount of energy. Outdoor solar lights have come a long way in the last 10 years!
written by Light the Night, April 09, 2010
I use LED lights for my holiday displays but hadn't put much thought into other uses for LED. Thanks for the information.smilies/wink.gif
Found this great manufacturer in Montreal
written by François, May 07, 2010
Hey everybody. Been reading up on your comments and thought I'd share.

Was in contact with this company:

During a home show and found that they have a wide range of LED products without the usual defects (cool light, ...). Their prices seem extremely agressive too.

Just thought I'd share
written by Eisbär Kostüm, September 09, 2010
Loved the discussion made by all you guys.. Eisbär Kostüm
It's true
written by LED Spotlights, September 15, 2010
this kind of energy saving is a possibility, but what are we losing by switching to LED lighting? A few extra lumen in comparison to incandescent bulbs, but is that such a loss when the benefits could be so huge?
written by Watch fair game, October 08, 2010
During a home show and found that they have a wide range of LED products without the usual defects (cool light, ...). Their prices seem extremely agressive too.
written by Esel Kostüm, October 16, 2010
Hey vielen Dank für dieses großartige Informationen.

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