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NOV 02

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"Well, i have PS3 and very high end PC. I have 2 x 295 GTX wich consume..."

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Sony's Playstation 3 a Freakin' Power Hog


Well, we've heard enough bad news about Sony's PS3, but it looks like EcoGeek finally has to generic levitra from india get a jab in. The PS2 had a max drain of 45 watts. That was a superb rating for such a powerful system and it's nice to be able to game without much guilt. But the PS3 is being built with a 380 watt power supply! That's bigger than almost all modern computers and I simply can't imagine what they're using it all for. The PS3 is just a fancy computer with some dashboard lights and a nice graphics card.

All I can think is that they're just playing it safe and the PS3 will never actually draw anything near that 380 watts from the line. Nonetheless, it's one more reason to stick with your 360 (160 watts) or get a Wii which is rumored to be in the sub 100 watt range.
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the other reason
written by Chris, November 03, 2006
Then theirs the other reasons..

1. the ps3 lost alot of big exclusives (assassin's creed, and gta for instance)

2. the ps3 forces bluray on you, when in fact hddvd is crushing bluray, in hardware sales, media sales, media available and forthcoming, and even in the visual graphics department as well LOL.

3. Games that are getting equal fair dev time on both consoles, like call of duty 3 (not games that got extra ps3 time like fnr3 and oblivion) the ones that got fair amounts of time on both... the 360 versions are looking better (read the cod3 side by side reviews that have been done) and then theirs the beloved assassin's creed that ps3 fans were flaunting... that is not only a day 1 360 game but is also more advanced on the 360 (direct from ubisofts mouth at x06)
Oh I agree
written by Hank, November 03, 2006
Not to mention that it's $500, twice the cost of a 360 or Wii. I just never had a chance to we recommend buy real levitra online without prescription write about the buy levitra in europe PS3 at EcoGeek until they let the stats for the power supply slip.
on topic
written by James, November 05, 2006
Because Sony owns a piece of usefull link genuine cialis online the cell processor and wholly own Blu-ray, eventually, as both these architectures mature/advance, they will be able to dramatically shrink the power consumption. Remember the PS2 in its current form is at least half the thickness of the original one because they were able to go with an updated version of the chip that sucked less power and therefore emitted less heat. Also, one can be supremely confident that they will eventually use the we recommend 5 mg levitra less power hungry components because they tend to be much cheaper to make, esp. CPUs, and it therefore behooves Sony to switch to them as soon as technologically possible.

On a personal note though, the Wii looks like the most fun and adds something new to gaming plus all the monster games for Xbox and cialis samples in canada PS will come out on the PC which is a much better gaming platform as Oblivion proves.
Re: on topic
written by GTW, November 05, 2006
I too think Sony will eventually optimise the PS3 and then it probably will consume less power.

About the PC being the "better" choice... well, some game genres (RTS and FPS) are better suited for PCs but for starters not all games make it to the PC. Infact, it's safe to viagra oral gel say that some genres never make it to the PCs! E.g. the last 1-on-1 fighting game that was even shoddily ported to a PC from an arcade/console version was Virtua Fighter 2 almost 10 years ago (in 1997). And that was 3 years after it was originally released! Similarly there are lots of venerable console games that never make it to the PC.

Secondly, even when the levitra in australia for sale games do make it to the PCs, such as in the case of Oblivion, the PC needs to be configured with high-end power-hungry components to match the performance. When Oblivion was released in March 2006 for the XBox 360 and the PC, a benchmark [1] done in April 2006 shows that you needed at least a X1900 XTX or a 7900 GTX graphics card to get a frame rate close to 30, to match the XBox 360 performance. A benchmark on power consumption shows that these cards alone were drawing anywhere from 226Watts to 287Watts [2]* in the same game.

There are also many other reasons to generic viagra 100mg buy the console version of a games over the PC version.

Getting back to the topic of efficiency and "greenliness", it makes more sense to think that a dedicated piece of hardware (e.g. a console) is more efficient than a more multi-tasking/general-purpose one (e.g. a PC).


* Benchmark in [2] uses Oblivion 1.1 (June release), so we're only comparing the performance we achieved with the software/hardware we could get at the propecia sale time of the release on the XBox 360 and the PC.
Modern computers?
written by Josh, November 08, 2006
What modern computers are you refering to I have a 600W PSU and my PSU isn't even that new, there's even the new 900W version of mine.
written by Anonymous, March 26, 2007
I have a Dell that's a couple years old with a 250W power supply, and a Compaq (500 MHz Pentium III) with a 125W power supply. Hopefully the PS3 doesn't consume the full 380W too often.
written by Blackburn Tickets, September 28, 2007
If PlayStation 3 scoffs 380 watts, then it's more than eight times as much power-consuming as the PlayStation 2 and more than twice as much power as the Xbox 360. It's funny that my Intel Core 2 Duo PC with high-end graphics card works nicely with a 160 watt power supply.
written by Deez Nutz, October 13, 2007

Yeah, I'm sure you're running a Core 2 Duo with high end graphics on tramadol no medical records a 160W PS. How about making your bullshit even slightly believable?
Core 2 Duo
written by Concert, January 21, 2008
Come on, let the man have his say :)
Sure it looks great
written by Buy Absinthe, January 31, 2008
I do agree, it looks great, the reviews have also been good.
Modern computers?
written by Pinhole Glasses, February 29, 2008
Hi Josh,We are also refering 900W PSU.
written by ahshohle, August 16, 2008
you are a retard

this is why the ps3 is better than the xbox

kill yourself, please and thank you

good bye
written by ps3>360, August 16, 2008
xbox is for EMO GAYFAGS....

please... kill yourself.
written by Gav, December 18, 2008
Hey all don't want to start an argument but im a ps3 fan. Always have been a play station fan and think Microsoft was clever taking short cuts on there system because now when the ps3`s out the x box is half the price. ps3 does everything i want it too and more, just wish it was in silver anyone wanna swop lol
About PC PSU
written by Zen, February 25, 2009
Well, i have PS3 and very high end PC. I have 2 x 295 GTX wich consumes about 700W at FULL FULL Load, that without counting i have overclocked i7@ 3,8Ghz. But anyway, PC consumes less than PS3 because PS3 consumes 380 constantly, and PC mainboard have graduable power consume, and don't forget PC games have AA at 16QX, PS3 doesnt' have that. Anyway, PS3 is good for kids and childs (9-15 year old) that don't know how to set a beast PC for gaming.

P.D: sorry for my bad english

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