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Daylight Savings time will be Longer in 2007

franklinI love Daylight Savings Time.  In fact, I wish that we got an extra hour every day so I could stay up later and sleep in longer without repercussions. But, unfortunately, the sun was unreasonably stubborn when asked to switch to a 25 hour day.
So, instead, the United States has decided to extend Daylight Savings Time by a few weeks. So the sun will set later for longer and, in theory, people will not need to use as much lighting for their houses. The result, says a DOE study, will be a decrease in US power use of about 1%, which is a HUGE 3 Billion KWh.

So, thanks to Ben Franklin for coming up with the idea in the first place. Next, I say we destroy the concept of time altogether and just play video games with the lights off after dark no matter what time it is. Oh man, Alaska in the winter could become a 3 month gaming fest! It's not often that I have ideas that good.

Via TreeHugger

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