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NOV 05

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"Whoa. Common sense dictates that the generic viagra made in india less we sweat the less we lose i..."

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Air Conditioning and viagra blood thinner Pollution are Making us Fat

As much as half of our home energy use comes from climate control. Heating and cooling uses more energy than any other single application of energy in America. Well it turns out that all that energy we use to heat and cool our houses is energy that we aren't using to legal buy ultram online heat and cool our bodies, and it's making us fatter.

obesityac That's right, being hot or cool is somewhat uncomfortable and stressful for our bodies which, in turn, have to do things to increase or decrease body temperature. The extremes, of course, produce shivering and sweating, but milder energy use occurs as well as we move above or below 72 degrees. Studies have shown that women who live in 80 degree chambers burn almost 250 more calories per day at rest than women in 70 degree chambers. Heat further increases weight loss by suppressing appetites and by making you less guilty about all the energy you're waisting (I threw that last one in there myself.)
Independent from the Climate Control's effects on obesity, industrial chemicals such as pesticides, dyes, perfumes, flavorings and plastics have been shown to significantly increase the body mass of mice in extremely small quantities. And people who eat fish contaminated with PCBs have been shown to be heavier than those who did not. Many of these industrial chemicals are endocrine blockers that confuse body chemistry and increase storage of fats. Who knew!?

I used to think that leading an environmentally sound lifestyle would only help me stay pretty if I was actually marching around in the forest doing jumping jacks and eating Balance bars. Apparently, clean air and energy efficiency keeps me lean just sitting here in front of cialis tadalafil canada the computer, and I'm lovin' it.

Most of these tidbits were found in a NewScientist Article

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It works both ways
written by monotonehell, November 06, 2006
Being overweigh means that you feel the heat at lower temperatures. Result? Overweight people set the air conditioner to a lower temperature and run them over night more often.
written by rob, November 06, 2006
I find that using my bicycle regularly makes me less susceptible to feeling the cold when at home, watching TV etc, my feet also feel warmer.

I used to work in an aluminum foundry (very hot) and the heat did seem to prevent weight gain, although it could just have been that the noise and heat gave me a lot of headaches, so I didn't fancy eating much.
written by e conrad, November 08, 2006
The article on air-conditioning making us fat takes the cake!!! What a farce.
Health requires heat and cooling...
written by Me, November 14, 2006
Air conditioning is a health necessity in some climates. People who don't live in hot climates wouldn't understand this. You wouldn't expect someone to live in the mountains to go without heat in the winter, would you? The human metabolism starts giving out at an indoor temperature of about 85ºF (it can be comfortable in much hotter outdoor temperatures - where the air is buy now levitra fresh and in motion). Notwithstanding... there are certainly ways to air condition a house using ground temperature. You can certainly do it more efficiently than with a compressed gas cooler.
enviornmental air condition
written by greatfair, November 22, 2006
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Air conditioning contractor
written by ches, May 30, 2007
We had no air conditioning when I was a boy now I do have air conditioning.. so it must follow that air conditioning makes us older too
written by Gogeiger, March 20, 2008
Geiger-Air conditioning includes both thecooling and heating of air.
It also cleans the air and controls themoisture level.
Air Conditioning Contractors Directory for Cincinnati,
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written by Supreet, July 11, 2008
I want to know that how much pollution is caused by using any air conditioner for an hour.I need an average estimate in terms of a unit.
I hear you, but...
written by Air Conditioning Contractors Grants Pass, July 08, 2010
Whoa. Common sense dictates that the less we sweat the less we lose in terms of calories, but I just can't take the levitra overnight heat!

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