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NOV 11

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Flat Lights: The Light Emitting Capacitor

seeliteWe've talked about flat lights before, most notably, OLED and PHOLED systems which are basically light emitting diodes (like the one that makes your flash drive glow) but created with organic plastics so they can be flat and transparent. But we haven't brought you the story of light emitting capacitors (LECs) which use a fundamentally different technology, with spectacular results.
Capacitors are making a big comeback, what with their super-powered cousins showing up in electric vehicles and cialis usa possibly saving the world by collecting star power. But this capacitor has a layer of phosphorescent gel coating the top of buying real cialis without prescription the purchasing cialis with next d ay delivery dielectric substance. So, when the current passes from the front electrode to the rear electrode, the capacitor emits light.
Only one company, as far as we know, is currently producing these devices, but they seem to be doing a good job of it. CeeLite has put together a marvelous spec sheet, so we actually know that these things are pretty much superior to any other light source in every possible way.  Except cost.
The light is bright white, as natural as an incandescent light. It can be faded easily (or automatically) for lower power consumption. It can be printed in any size, or pattern. To produce the same amount of light as a 100 watt bulb, you need about a half-meter square of the substance, but at the highest output level, the lifespan of the device is significantly lowered to around 5000 hours. If you have a meter squared, you can produce the same amount of light with a longer life-span than a fluorescent bulb (about 10,000 hours). Yes, a square meter is a large chunk of wall space, but if you just look up, you can see that you've got plenty of room for several square meters of usa levitra LEC

The really good news, of course, is that they consume less power per lumen than anything on buying real levitra without prescription the market today. That half-power, square meter will only eat up five watts of power, significantly below 12 watts a fluorescent bulb with the where to buy generic viagra same light output.

Of course, there is generic cialis a catch. You can't buy them. Also, if you wanted to, you probably couldn't because they are extremely expensive. We're only inferring this from the fact that you have to call for a consultation if you're interested, which we have done, but it's a Saturday, so you're gonna have to wait for that information.
Spotted in Time Magazine (one of the best inventions of 2006)
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Check the distributors
written by Douglas, November 12, 2006
If you go to the CeeLite website, click on the distributors link. At least one of them markets poster stands with LEC backlights starting from $56.59 for 8.5" x 11" sheets. Check out TxLite here:

written by kirk Lieoret, November 12, 2006
This is just electroluminescent panels. The technology is 45 years old.
OK 8.5 x 11 that means...
written by Hank, November 12, 2006
.7 ft x .91 ft is 0.64 square ft.

$56.60 x .64 sq ft is

$36.10 per sq foot. Soooo

That meter square that puts off as much light as a 100 watt bulb is going to cost you about $108. That's a little bit more expensive than I'm willing to spend.
Check your math, Hank
written by Disinterested Observer, November 12, 2006
If it costs $56.60 for 0.64 sq. ft, it can't be only $36.10 for a whole square foot. I think it's closer to i recommend cialis online cheap $88.44.
written by Hank, November 12, 2006
What kind of EcoGeek am I, that was a bunch of horrible math...

Using actual math, where you take into account that your units are squared and don't multiply when you should be dividing, we're talkin' about close to $1000 per square meter. That's....that's very expensive.'s too bad.
EL Panels Widely Available
written by KM, November 14, 2006
Electroluminescent panels date back to the early 1900's. A quick Google will find you a dozen manufacturers of similar products. I am willing to grant that the Ceelite people may have an improved model, but don't see how the product is otherwise new or different.
New Technology
written by TJ, February 10, 2007
This is a new technology - they've only released it onto the mass market in second quarter 2006 - so right now the company is in the business of cheap cialis online recouping R&D cost and exploiting a new market. Once the discount online viagra demand increases and their production costs come down we will see a drop in the price, followed by other companies copying the technology, or licensing it, and further reductions in price. For proof of this refer to large LCD televisions, silicon microprocessors, and even the current rage in 'green' lighting fluorescent bulbs. All dropped in price by half less than five years after initial market introduction.
LECs 4 Light -incorporated into produ
written by Myles Kapson, February 10, 2007
Hi ya'll. I am in sales and sales development(creating new application designs) for RCRilluminations of Ohio. Click on to our web site to see the products we manufacture for various industries. We make more but you know, if I tell you- I'd have to... You're right though, first developed around 1930 the light industry didn't want to invest in the technology so they stayed with what they had, incandescent and florescent. We, among other companies invested a lot of money into research and development.We have created items for the military and we recommend beta blockers and cialis law enforcement units and fire departments. I could go on but I use up more energy than these strip lights will ever use. Paper thin sheet or ribbon - I can tell you about 1,000 ways the LEC, light emitting capacitor could and will be incorporated into other products in the near future.
As for expense? Our products sell for between $25 and $65 base price, run on 3 AA batteries (not included of course) and can be run on USA (110) house current with the optional inverter. If you want more information write me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it '> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .Please write me , not the company as they cant answer inquiriesand that's why they feed me. I will say at this time however, I am pretty busy with city, state, county, federal, and corporate inquiries, so it may take me a while to respond. If this web site would like to know more about the LEC just ask me and I'll submit pictures and applications of its use from around the country and even a few other countries. And THEN there was light.
Respectfully yours , M. Alan Kapson , Cincinnati OH
written by Myles Kapson, February 10, 2007
BTW, I'm into desalinization, alternative fuels,fuel cells and recycling in new ways especially for energy and other hippie stuff but i never had long hair and I love to play cards. I just had to get that out of my system. has nothing to do with LEC's :) My
written by chris, October 07, 2008
would you please be able to email me what sizes the flat light comes in and can you get custom made sizes. im just looking at puting it on a front window of a shop to cover the whole window floor to ceiling. thanking you kindly.
EL Technologies for differents applicati
written by Jean R. Desvernay, March 14, 2009
Hello All,

It's nice to see so much enthousiasm over Electro-Luminescent Technologogies.
This type of LEC is also communly called EL Technologies.
Our company manufacture those and have a wide range of products, mainly conssumer goods and garments.
We use the same technology as described above, and print various patterns over those sheet and light them up into differents way.
So for example you can print an Bar-Graph on a LEC Sheet, and with a programmed capacitor, light up different part of that bar graph, but that's not it...our capacitor are sound sensitive and therefore the bar-graph designs will light up at the same pace of the music beat, turning that print into a live Hi-Fi equalizer.
Teh principle is very simpe, all you need is a printed LEC sheet, and activated in various way by triggering the power supply in various events.
So based on teh same idea, we do printed LEC Sheet in the shape of bracelet that will light up when the wearer moves, or we can make a LEC print light up when teh waerer of teh shirts enter a WI-FI zone...almost everything possible.

Since the LEC Sheet is very thin, we can put them on T-Shirts, that's our more popular products, we can put them on safety vest, or make advertising poster.

You can check our website at to cehk all of our products.

Photoluminescent still envrionmentally preferred
written by Bill, July 08, 2009
As far as emergency lighting (e.g. exit signs), photoluminescent technology is still cheaper and better for the environment. Check out for more info.
written by reza, October 08, 2010
In Iran, we have flat light
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