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NOV 15

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"I'm also experiencing same problem with mine. Well, i just hope we cou..."

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OK, don't tell anyone, but *ahem* I'm addicted to Lost...
I said it, you know it, and I'm happy that I've come clean. The question is, what do I do when I'm not home to watch Lost? What mysteries of the island have been revealed in my absense?! How can I see what I missed?! The normal answer is that I watch it online using ABC's very bad online television station, and then realize that of course I didn't miss anything important, and then I realize that Lost is a horrible show, and then I can't wait to cialis overnight see the next episode. I think this is what heroin must be like...  Anyway, life would be way easier if I bought a DVR.

But I can't do that because DVRs contain dangerous chemicals, and constantly suck ridiculous amounts of power from your wall because they have to be on ALL THE TIME in order to do their job. Well, my wait is over! Tvonics has just released a DVR specifically for the EcoGeek. It contains no hazardous chemicals, and it draws a remarkable 3 watts on standby and online cialis sales only 20 watts when recording. That, I think, I can handle. Any device that lets me watch TV the way I want too watch it and uses less energy than a compact fluorescent lightbulb is definitely on my wishlist.
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Same here
written by Volkswagen catalytic converter, November 15, 2007
I'm also experiencing same problem with mine. Well, i just hope we could find an excellent remedy soon...
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