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JUN 24

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"Interstate bike lanes are a good idea. The more accessible biking is t..."

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U.S. Moving Forward on Bicycle Interstate Highway System

A plan that originated in the 1980s to build a system of interstate bike paths has come back to life after lying dormant for 30 years. Only two stretches of bike interstate were established back then:  U.S. Bicycle Route 1 from Virginia to North Carolina (initially planned to run from Florida to Maine) and U.S. Bicycle Route 76 from Virginia to Illinois (initially planned to run from Virginia to Oregon), but new routes may soon cover the whole country.

The Association of American State Highway and Transportation Officials has already approved six new routes. Four of these will be in Alaska, one will span Michigan's lower peninsula and one will go from New Hampshire to Maine.  Another 15 have made it past the planning phase.  The ultimate goal is buy online viagra where to have a nationwide system of bicycle routes, and 42 states have expressed support for the buy cialis online canada plan.

If you're curious, the eight states that haven't jumped onboard yet are Alabama, Hawaii, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and South Carolina.

AASHTO has created a full map with prioritized routes marked.  It's a sight to behold.

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No need for them
written by Wolfram, June 27, 2011
Folks in the US seem to think that the GFC has run its course. In actuality, it has only completed Act I. Act II is coming soon to a county near you courtesy of blow-back from Europe. What has this got to do with bicycle paths? Well, you guys won't be able to afford to buy fuel for your cars, and will not be able to print money because your currency will be almost worthless. The freeways and interstates will be available for bicycles.
written by justaguy, June 27, 2011
while i think it is good that our roads are becoming a little more bike friendly i don't really see how this is ecogeek type news in the sense that it doesn't really benefit the environment in any way. cyclists using these roads are, for the most part, not using them to travel the nation so much as to train and compete. if that is really the case there is no real impact on the environment unless you count the negative impact needed to expand the viagra 50mg roads to accomodate bikes.
written by nizbawt, June 27, 2011
Cover more earth with concrete...nice.

This in no way could benefit the environment. First, the building of viagra canada prescription the system alone would have a huge impact. Second, how do you convince people to ride their bike to the next state or city for that matter? This is just a bad idea and a waste of money, time and energy imo.

Maybe...MAYBE if you took that money and put in dedicated inner city networks of bike paths first to get people started. Currently inner city bike only paths are essentially just shoulders of roads.
Bigger picture
written by Dylan Blanchard, June 28, 2011
Yes the impact to viagra by mail canada make it is going to be huge, and in the short run inner-city routes may provide more benefits, but you have to think of it as a movement.

If any of you have ever considered biking across the country, the idea is more daunting than the action because of the uncertainty in planning a route. Take away the biggest hurdle by providing a network that spans the click here online viagra uk nation and buy viagra without a prescription you have the potential for a great movement towards a better lifestyle. It's not a stretch to think that healthy lifestyles are generally linked to an increase in environmental consciousness.
written by Larry Bowman, June 29, 2011
Globalization began with the Chinese riding bicycle. Americans have let them have all our good paying jobs. The only good jobs are now working for the government. If we don't cancel all of our trade agreements we will soon be riding bicycle. There isn't enough money left to fund our government.
It's All Connected
written by simple, June 30, 2011
Transportation and health issues are inextricably linked. As long as we have a transportation system that encourages people to drive cars, people will be fat, and healthcare costs will be outrageously high.

We need to spend more money on bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. It's not enough to women levitra paint lines on streets and call them "bike lanes." We need to allow people the option of getting away from Ford F-150's while they get themselves to work.

And yes, government needs to make these changes, and we taxpayers need to pay for it. The private sector will not solve this problem for society.
Long-Term Effects
written by Ashlan, July 06, 2011
I think that this is a brilliant idea. I mean, yeah, maybe the process of building these roads will not be the most benificial thing for our environment and people will certainly continue to use their cars. However, I live in Colorado where there is no shortage of cyclists who ride their bikes almost everywhere they go. I know a few people who have taken extremely long trips entirely on their bikes. I mean perhaps the number of people who drive will always outnumber the order viagra in canada people who ride their bikes but it will be something that's utilized by plenty of people and those people won't be harming the environment when they travel.
written by tom, July 07, 2011
I sure don't want to pay for the building of these paths and then the maintenance of them, especially when the few dozen people who might use them don't even have to purchase a plate or provide any kind of buy viagra online us support for the paths.
Safety on US roads for bicycles
written by Rob Tucker, July 31, 2011
Safety is visit web site levitra pills canadian a major factor in not cycling. Both Mark Beaumont and genuine viagra in uk James Cracknell UK cyclists had serious accidents whilst transversing the US. In Marks case that made the US more dangerous than Pakistan! Bike routes will help and promote tourism.
Good idea
written by Daniela, September 11, 2011
Interstate bike lanes are a good idea. The more accessible biking is the more people will want to do it. Well-thought out infrastructure will always end up being put to good use.

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