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JUN 27

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"Well.. that's possible with current technologies: 56.2mpg = 23.9 km/l ..."

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Obama Administration Wants 56 MPG Standard by 2025

The Obama administration will formally propose new fuel efficiency standards in September, but recent meetings with domestic automakers reveal that the buy discount viagra online administration is gunning for a 56.2 mpg standard for cars and light trucks by 2025.

The new standard would be a huge jump from the current 30.2 mpg standard for cars and 24.1 mpg standard for light trucks.

The White House will hold more meetings with both domestic and foreign automakers and the numbers could change before September.  According to cialis cheapest reports, the initial proposal would require automakers to increase fuel efficiency by an average of five percent each year over years 2017 to 2025.

If the 56.2 mpg standard were to be finalized, the cost of new cars could increase by $2,100 - $2,600, but consumers would actually save $5,500 - $7,000 in fuel costs over the life of the car and the extra cost of the car would made back within about 2.5 years.

via The Detroit News

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written by Bob VonMoss, June 28, 2011
I'm impressed by people like Mike Reynolds, the father of the earthship. He himself lives in an earthship and built his own. I think most people will agree we need more people like him, and reduce the voice of people who call for austerity for the general public, but live another lifestyle.
written by Anna, June 28, 2011
Excellent!! This is great news
That seems to be a little slow...
written by Igor Kolar, June 28, 2011
"We choose to go to the cialis pills moon in this decade and do tramadol for dogs no prescription the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard"
- Remember that ? That was a race which in less than 10 years went from an advanced version of a V2 missile, to a Saturn V which travelled to how can i buy viagra in canada the moon and back...

And now you're like
'We're going to double the efficiency of our lousy-to-begin-with cars in some, eh, 13, 14 years'

GM produced an electric car in the nineties. Volkswagen had, a little too optimistically considered, zero polution, concept when they were introducing the new Beetle. 20 years later, TWO DECADES, later, the only people still driving electric cars are a-list celebrities and levitra and canada custom very rich folks who consider them cute or think they're doing their part for the environment buying to the rest of their not-entirely-asphalt-bound fleet.

Seriously America, you have so many intelligent young people, and so many unemployed, you could step on it a little harder, change the entire gameplan, by the end of this decade. And I don't mean just cutting down a bit on your gigantic and inefficient engines.
Green News
written by Martha, June 28, 2011
The government chose the buy viagra online Nissan Leaf as the car to use for their car. I found an article about this at freeomist .com
written by kathrine bocsh, June 28, 2011
its never too late lets see whats next, thanks for the post
This is really quite pathetic, Low-rated comment [Show]
56.2 mpg= PROGRESS??????
written by ecoschmeeko, July 06, 2011
I have a small van that i use for my work,it's a Renault Kangoo.It was built in 2005 and it gets about 50 mpg (normal everyday stop and start driving).
Obama wants American cars to get 56.2 mpg by 2025....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA..The Cars in the rest of the world will probably be getting about 100 mpg by then...America!What has happened to you???Who has retarded your society???
Really Eric?
written by Joe, July 06, 2011
Hey Eric, hope you don't want to eat or buy anything at a store any more. Guess what- groceries, fuel, products, and services require fuel so all of those costs would go up proportionately with your brilliant thought. So not only would your car's fuel go up by 100%, but your groceries would cost a lot more, that ipod you want to buy would cost more, you'd be paying more for that checkout clerk to we choice buy pfizer cialis show up at work, you'd be paying more to take the bus to the store (if you choose not to drive), you'd pay more to go to a resturant or movie, etc. Non-starter.
Been there done that.....
written by Vicki, July 07, 2011
Eric (and others who think the answer is so simple), the price of fuel in the U.S. more than doubled in a very short time span during the Bush years. Instead of magically fixing both our dependence on oil & our health care system, it crashed our economy and put millions out of work.

The concept of Americans walking or biking the majority of places they go is great in concept, but often difficult to practice due to a lack of infrastructure. The road systems in most cities do not lend themselves readily to bike & pedestrian traffic. We have to make the commitment to invest in our infrastructure and make it happen - hard to do in a tough economy.

A Renault van that gets 50 mpg? Interesting. If it's that efficient, why hasn't other auto makers copied the purchasing cialis with next d ay delivery technology rather than invest in the manufacture of hybrids?

At the risk of sounding cynical, it's cheaper to steal current technology rather than develop new technology.
written by Preston, July 08, 2011
The Renault Kangoo is great, just like the tons of other small diesel vehicles built in Europe. Hey Vicki, I don't really think you can blame the recession on the price of gas. Remember that thing called the sub-prime mortgage crisis?
I think fuel is too cheap in the US and that a hefty tax on consumer gasoline would be great for the country. Let commercial transport alone, but do something to steer the SUV crowd into something more efficient.
not impressed
written by Wouter, July 13, 2011
Well.. that's possible with current technologies:
56.2mpg = 23.9 km/l

There are many diesel engined cars that can do this already; even up to 30km/l (70 mpg) for a Fiat Punto.
There are even some gasoline engined cars that hit the 23.9 km/l.
If you add a small electric support engine to current cars; it will pass this mark.

So setting this as norm for over 14 years is not very ambitious.

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