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NOV 24

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"... such as some found in Asia, most of malfunctioning/broken mechanic..."

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ecoIron on OLPCs

olpcThe One Laptop Per Child project is generally considered to be a humanitarian mission, not an environmental one. EcoGeek has never ever mentioned the OLPC project and that, frankly is wrong. Mark at ecoIron has put together a list of reasons why the OLPC project is good for the environment. First, the project isn't about the cycle of obsolescence and upgrades. These computers will work well for a long time, and they won't end up in landfills any time soon.

Second, there are lots of them and they're all the same. That's good news because it makes them simpler to repair and it makes repair parts more abundant. Finally, the OLPC runs on 2-3 watts of power, setting a standard far below anything seen in the consumer electronics industry.
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In developing countries...
written by GTW, November 25, 2006
... such as some found in Asia, most of malfunctioning/broken mechanical and electronic devices are repaired to usable states, many times before they're discarded. Most of the canada prescriptions levitra time they manage to restore the repaired items to cialis pfizer online their original working conditions. They manage to do tramadol availability in canada this for everything ranging from cars to computers.

The more repair-friendly computers are the unbranded ones that are assembled from scratch. Fixing their standard components allow technicians to gain the re-applicable repairing skills useful when fixing similar components from different manufacturers.

Laptops aren't the most repair-friendly devices since they're all tightly packed in a small casing and their internal designs tend to be manufacturer dependent. I haven't yet seen a OLPC but I hope they're built to be repair-friendly without too much soldering on the printed circuitboards etc.

One more important thing is the lifespan of the system. Sure, it's $100 or something but people probably could buy a repairable/upgradable desktop in these countries for not much more. It won't mean that poor hopeful families will end up with short-lived laptops after investing one month's salary on each but, it will probably take like a while and one more generation of i use it order cheapest cialis online OLPC notebooks to gain the trust of these private individual buyers in the intended market.

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